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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 105

This was the first time Amy appeared in the public after being “framed” and involved in the “self-deprecating” live broadcast.


She was dressed in a plain dress and her long, straight and black hair was like the waterfall. She did not have much makeup on her face.


Although she was not yet eligible to be ranked as the campus belle, she could still claim the title of the goddess with plain makeup.


Standing with a group of top students and holding a book in her hand, she was truly beautiful.


Her beauty was displayed through her serenity, elegance and gentleness.


She completely matched the conditions of a goddess imagined by boys. She also matched the conditions that girls wanted themselves to have.


Being such a gorgeous and top student, Amy was indeed not on the same level as Emily who was a weak and ugly student.


The fact that Skyler University specifically “produced” beautiful girls was indeed true.


Even the boys from Bentson University lost their appetite at once when they looked at Emily after staring at Amy.


Although the girls from Bentson University were a little unconvinced, when they saw Emily's face that only a mother could love, they could do nothing but give in.


How could a goddess be compared side by side with a dinosaur?


"Emily, let's go to the class.” Sally grabbed Emily's hand and quickly walked towards the teaching building.


The Winston family indeed specialized in producing vixens. The daughters were so charming and attractive!


Amy was Katy's niece and Wendy was Katy's daughter. Both of them were the daughters of the Winston family.


Amy was already so good looking. It was hard to imagine how beautiful Wendy was as she was several times better looking than Amy.


Sally did not think that Emily was ugly. In fact, Emily's features were extremely decent.


Unfortunately, a face full of freckles had somehow affected her beauty.


She was not ugly but she could not be described as beautiful at all.


“What? You're upset to see her being so beautiful?”


With a pleasant smile, Emily tapped on Sally's forehead and it seemed like Emily did not feel anything upset.


“Those people are comparing you to that bad woman, what to compare? They don't know how disgusting that woman is.”


Sally was so indignant as Emily's face shape and features were very decent, just that no one had noticed it.


“Since you know she's disgusting, then what for you are still mad? Emily calmly said.


“You really aren't indignant at all? That bad woman is pretending!" Sally stomped her foot in anger.


Emily just smiled and ignored it. They steadily walked to the teaching building together.


“Isn't this Emily, the ugly monster?" Behind them, someone screamed in a sharp voice.


“Amy, is this bitch the one forcing you?”


It was so unfair. How could such an ugly person find such a wealthy backer?


“I don't know what the wretched old man backing up her wants from her. She does not have an attractive body shape and a 

pleasant-looking face!”


“Don't say that” Amy’s voice was very soft, but everyone around her could hear it.


She took a glance at Emily's back, bit her lips and lowered her head, "Stop saying that, she does not bully me.’


She showed a face that one could not help to love her upon seeing her and this caused the boys to feel sorry for her.


Not only the group of top students from Skyler University but even the boys from Bentson University also looked righteously 



So, before Emily and Sally entered the teaching building, they went to block two of them.


“Ugly monster, you're trying to leave after bullying someone?”


The group of students was caught yesterday because of trespassing on someone else's property.


Now, they were in a place where they could go anywhere they liked. This was not illegal so they did not need to be afraid at 



"May I ask how did I bully her?”


Emily stared at the few boys from Skyler University in front of her with a calm and indifferent face.


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