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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 13


Hunter took off the rain-soaked shirt and threw it down, thereafter, he undid the diamond-studded belt.


"What do you think you are doing?” Emily unexpectedly saw his tattooed muscles and she breathed nervously. She hurriedly adjusted her gaze. She didn† dare to look at him undress for fear of irresistibly diving into his embrace.


"Master Jackson, Ïm truly in the wrong, how do you want to punish me? [ÌÌ accept your punishment. But I know that you are not really keen to be engaged to me.


He didn't have any feelings towards her but it's inexplicable that tonight he truly desired her. But it was obvious that all these were a mistake.


She continued, "With regards to Matriarch .Jackson, | can pay her a visit personally to apologize and explain to her. I guarantee that l will be able to convince her. It is no fault of yours..


'And?” Hunter threw the belt onto his shirt, turned and looked directly at her, Do you still want to cancel this marriage?"


"No, I don't want to cancel the marriage." Emily knew for someone as prideful as Hunter, a rejection by a woman would be a life of insult.


"Master Jackson, I don’t wish to make things difficult for you. We are not compatible..."


"On the contrary,' Hunter interjected as he walked towards the bathroom, "We are very suitable, in terms of size and rhythm."


The bathroom door closed and the splattering of water can be heard.


Emily pondered for three seconds before realizing what Hunter meant.


Size and rhythm... What the hell? Is this something high and mighty Master of the Jackson family would say? Why is it so different from her image of Master .Jackson?


Emily blushed in red, such a sexual statement came from the mouth of Master Jackson is unthinkable!


She was a little unsettled, should she take the opportunity to escape as he is showering? But, she is unsure if there are his men outside her door. lí she was caught escaping, the consequences would be dire. How? Should she run?


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