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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 21


Liam and two bodyguards ran over and were panting. Master Jackson was too fast. To think that they receive regular training and couldn't catch up with Master, what a disgrace!


But, why is future missus in such a sorry state? What happened?


Hunter carried Emily in his arms and walked over to Manson. Emily was totally drained and she entirely slumped into Hunter. Her consciousness was gradually fading. But she could still barely see Manson panicking and Wendy’s trembling body. They were afraid, scared of this god-like man!


Manson looked on helplessly as Hunter walked to his front. He wanted to step back but his legs wouldn't budge. Hunter stands in front of him. Manson panicked and shouted: "The first rule of the Jackson family is not to fight among family members. Brother, I'm sure you remember!"


lf his voice was not trembling, nor his breathing so rapid, nor his face so pale, perhaps these words may be convincing.


Hunter clenched his fist and the knuckles started to crackle.


Mansons legs went wobbly and protested: "Brother, this bitch antagonized me and slapped me, do you expect that l dortt strike back?”


Hunter's knuckles continue to crack as he raises his fist.


In Mansons panic, he almost knelt and he begged: “Brother, grandmother is severely ill, I visit her every day, if she finds out that I'm hurt, she will definitely... !"


The first punch went into his stomach and instantly he bent forward in pain and broke out in cold sweat! He is still the second son of the Jackson family. How can he let outsiders see him begging Hunter?


Manson clenched his teeth and stared at him in anger but he didn't dare to speak.


This fist from Hunter was merciful, he knows itf lÍ it was not for grandmother s condition, Hunter's one punch would be enough to send him into hospital for half a month!


Today his men are not here and he knows fully well that he is not Hunter s match.


But this one punch, he'll return it in future with interests!


"Your woman?” Hunter s gaze was now on Wendy. Wendy s body started to tremble, a look from his killer eyes almost caused her to kneel.


This man is so cold! His stare would make anyone panic and not dare to look directly into his eyes.


"I... I'm not..."


Manson clenched his teeth and said: “So what? Look at my woman compared to your ugly fiancée!"


He won't concede to losing! Hunter is pardoning him for the sake of grandmother. Since he had pardoned, he wouldn't do anything else.


Manson clenched his fist and tried to brace himself to stand up but the pain was too excruciating! it was so painful that he couldn't stand upright.


'Okay.' This one word from Hunter was both scary and yet difficult to comprehend.


He carried the barely conscious Emily towards the car. As he turned around, he tossed a few words cruelly: "What my woman suffered, let his woman receive ten folds in return.'




He left but Liam and the two bodyguards remained.


Manson was so angry that he almost vomited blood: “Hunter, you dare! You dare to do this to her | will definitely tell grandmother, l... you, let gol”


"No! Master Hunter, this has nothing to do with me! I'm not Mansons woman. Master Hunter, please forgive me”

Wendy was seized by Hunter s bodyguards and was trembling in fear, "No...'


'Liam, you dare! lf you touch one hair of hers, [Ïl kill yout


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