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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 24


Who was it who sat on him and...


Emily bit her lips and her face turned pale: "That's because l was being set up, I didn't mean to do it."


"It is not me, you will do the same?” Hunter demanded.


She wanted to nod but looking at his menacing looks, she quickly shakes her head.


lf she wants to die she can try saying ˆYes', he II definitely ravage her for insulting him.


Emily knows very clearly this man's dominance. What he wants he will definitely not let go.


In her previous life, she saw him being quick, precise, and ruthless but he never treats women that way, especially her.


But now, how come he was doing this to her2 Did she make a mistake?


Not possible, she spent five years trying to please him and didn't even earn a look of concern from him. Now it's just two days and he was interested? What a joke


"Master Jackson... She was beginning to feel uncomfortable under his weight and couldn't resist pushing him gently.


The two bodies in contact have let Emily feel warm and getting hotter.


Emily feels uneasy and her face began to flush. She looked down and quickly looked back. She didn't dare to look down again.




God, was this the cold chilly man idol2 By pressing onto her, his body started to react... this was cold?


"Release me." She pushed. lf she doesnt get away now it will be too late.


"Don't movel" Hunter commanded and his forehead started to sweat and frown.


His bodily reaction was noticed by her and Hunter did not intend to hide. He was just slightly upset to lose control over her.


Twenty-seven years and this has never happened. That he was so affected by a woman!


"Master Jackson...' Emily doesn't dare to struggle, afraid that itl trigger his reaction.


But, if she doesn't resist, he lÌ continue.


"Master Jackson" Both her hands held tightly to her collar, but she was trapped.


She panicked and desperately demanded, 'Don't touch me! Unless you like mel"


Like her?


Someone who escapes from her engagement, someone willing to poison herself, someone who was willing to frame others and repeatedly reject him?


Why would he, Hunter, like such a sễcheming woman?


In an instance, his desires vanished. Emily sat on the table and looked at him. Hunter stood a distance away. Apart from the look of disappointment, he has recovered his breathing. He looked at her coldly in rejection. And her, with her shirt pulled aside. lf she hadn't grabbed onto her collar...


Still, he still lòoks like the high and mighty Master .Jackson but she was in a sorry state.


"Since Grandmother likes you, you will remain in the Jackson residence from now on. But...


Hunter s gaze deepens, his cold eyes send chills down her spine once again.


“Never use your schemes here and if I find out that you plot against Grandmother, | guarantee you will regret.'


Emily smacked her forehead and looked at him walk out of the room. She quickly jumped off the table and closed the door.


With the door behind her, Emily ¡is numb and her whole body went cold.

What high and mighty males idol? Humphl He was nothing but a wolf!



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