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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 26


"What did you say?" Joe and Sally stepped forward and blocked Emily.


Even if they felt that they can afford to patronize this hotel, bụt that doesn't give Amy the right to insult Emily!


Terry clenched his fists and his knuckles crackled.


it's a small world. This afternoon Amy saw him fighting off the men who she sent and now that she saw Terry, she felt a little scared. But she had a man beside her and boosted her courage. "Why? Do you still want to fight2 Emily, why do you keep hanging out with these trash? No wonder Wendy said that you are beyond hope!"


Amy was Kate s niece, was Wendy's cousin and always sides Wendy.


"Who are you calling trash? Say that again!" Sally was so upset her face turned red.


'Aren't you all?" Amy looks at the Manager, 'Are you really hiring these people?'


"No, Miss, they are not the hotel staff."


The manager saw the man who was with Amy and knows that he was someone that he could not offend.


His face darkens, looks at Emily and said: "lf you are not eating here, then please leave."


Amy coldly laughed and looked at them, "They wanted to eat here? it's okay, they can eat if they have the money. But looks like they can only have a cup of water!"


The manager was about to order the security guards over when Emily said: ˆWe are here to eat. Don't tell me your hotel has a policy of paying before ordering?”


"This... The hotel manager was dumbfounded.


Emily held onto Sally and walked to the lift. The manager wants to block them but he didn't have the reason to. Although it was obvious that they cannot afford to eat there but to drive them out before they even ordered was unreasonable.


Emily and her friends entered the lift, Amy scoffs: "l want to see what they can afford to eat. Perhaps they can† even afford an appetizer!"


She grabs onto the man's arms and changed her tone: 'Come on, let's eat.'


The man gave the manager a card and the manager bowed happily: "So you are one of the .Jacksons, please proceed to the second floor, I will arrange the best table for you."


"No need, just near to where they are sitting.'


Amy wanted to see if Emily and her three friends will share a plate of appetizers!


She gently shook Zack's hand and pouts: "“That's the Emily who hurt my cousin first. That's why l hate her, please don't be affected.


"You said that she hurt the socialite of Bentson City, Wendy?” Zack was very fond of Wendy.


But, after hearing that Manson was after Wendy, although he was also one of the .Jacksons, he was the son of the second father, so he was considered a distant family member.


Outside, he enjoys the fame but in front of the three Master Jacksons, he has no status. That's why he was with Wendys cousin Amy. Anyway, Amy was also a beauty.


They went upstairs and the manager personally arranged their table. Even if he was a distant family member of the Jackson family, in Bentson City he was still considered royalty!


The manager indeed gave them a place near Emily and her friends who were seated by the windows.


Amy sat down and asked Zack: 'Zack, what do you want to eat?'


"You decide.' Amy was Zack's new squeeze. He has always been very generous towards women.


“Then Fll choose.' Amy ordered all the most expensive dishes. She intentionally raised her voice so that the people around her could hear.

Sally saw the dish that Amy was ordering and was shocked at the price.


A thousand dollars for a dish? Is that crazy?


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