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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 35


The engagement day of Master Jackson and the youngest daughter of the Gale family.


This engagement banquet which had caused a huge sensation in the business world was held three days later at the same hotel.


As a sign of respect to Master Jackson, the guests arrived early and the grand ballroom was full of guests before nightfall.


Emily was accompanied by the servants to the makeup room. Outside, people mingled happily.


The .Jackson family had arrived. From the patriarch to the youngest daughter, every one of them was ideal partners.


The men seized the opportunity to mingle with the leaders of the business world.


The women, especially the young ones, makeup and dressed to their nines and presented their prettiest form.


"I heard that the second daughter of the Gale family was slapped by the youngest daughter."


"What? The youngest daughter hit the second daughter? Why?”


"Was it because the elder sister was too pretty and stole the limelight?"


"Apparently the third daughter is very ugly but the second daughter ¡is as beautiful as an angel?”


"What a pity, the one marrying Master .Jackson is the third daughter. With a younger sister who is ugly, nasty, and soon to have status, how will her days be?”


"The second sister should have someone to protect her. How can she suffer like this?"


The men listened to the rumors of Wendy being beaten by Emily and felt sorry for her.


When Emily came out, all sorts of rumors were spreading.


"So this is the third daughter of the Gale family. See, even with makeup her freckles can still be seen."


"Yeah, why did Master .Jackson agree to be engaged to this ugly woman? it's truly the beauty and the beast!"


"Like throwing pearls to the pigs!"


There were lots of unhappiness about injustice and mismatch.


Emily was seated at a corner, playing with her cell phone.


Those rumors were said near her and though it was obvious that she can hear them, she wasn't affected.


Her indifference started to anger some people.


",„ not a shred of shamel"


"Exactly! This ugly and evil woman, sooner or later Master .Jackson will ditch her!"


Emily opened her Instagram and some people were cursing for her to meet an early death. Others sent her photos and accused her of sleeping with countless men.


She was becoming famous just because of Master Jackson.


She was bored with Instagram and started to play a game.


The phone rang, it was Liam.


Emily answered the phone, Liam said, "Missus, Master Jackson wants you to come to the second level waiting room.”


"Okay, I'll be there immediately.' She hung up the call. She disregarded the poisonous stare by the women and took the lift.


She didn't see Hunter for two days. They had not seen each other from that day when she went back with him until today.


The banquet was to begin at eight. She wasn't sure why was Master Jackson looking for her.


Emily was sure it wasnit for sex. Those two times in the car were an accident.


The first time she was drugged. The second time he was drunk and when he was sober, he avoided her like the plague. Why would he take the initiative to get close to her?



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