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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 37


"What nonsense are you saying? How will I be willing to marry an ugly woman like you?”


Manson was disgusted by what Emily said.


Emily laughed and shook her head, "You’re wrong, it's not that you are unwilling to, it's you’Re not worthy.


"You this slut.... Mansons expression changed for the worse. He was so upset that he wanted to slam Emily's head into the plates on the table.


But, the guests were around. lf he were to create a scene at his brother's engagement banquet, his grandfather will never let him off!


Manson didn't expect that this woman can anger him to a breaking point just with a few words.


Where did she learn this sharp-tongued persona? She was so stupid in the past!


"I don't have to waste my breath on you...


”Then please leave. Why are you acting tough in front of me? I don't even like it.”


Emily lowered her head to eat the cakes, and continued, "How true that the ugly are trouble makers"


"You! You... This damned, ugly slutt


But today it was he who came to her table as if he was seeking to be scolded.


Manson endured, he was determined to endure.


"Emily, so you're here.' A voice nearby said.


Manson turned around and his goddess walked over.


Wendy walked to his side and laughed, 'Manson."


Ever so elegant and beautiful. Though she was not as beautiful as that angel in the rain, when he saw Wendy, she was easily the prettiest woman there.


Especially when side by side with Emily, she was like the gorgeous fairy.


Manson nodded and looked at her face.


Her face was pure and flawless. It has completely healed. He asked, “Are you feeling any discomfort?"


Wendy shook her head but she was furious within.


That day when she was mercilessly beaten, this man left in a hurry. These three days he had never visited her.


How that she was pretty again, he was staring at her like bees drawn to honey.


Men are all visual animals.


But, she was the winner in the area of looks and the more men are like that, the happier she'll be.


"Look at the second daughter of the Gale family. She was bullied by her sister and she is still so gentle towards them."


"She is beautiful, generous, and kind. Look at her sister, she's uglier than clowns!"


The people around started to spread rumors. Wendy laughed as she loved to hear such stories.


"Emily, you've played for a few days and didn't go back. Im so worried, is everything fine?”

Wendy came over because she was concerned about her. Buụt these loud and soft words have given them lots of possibilities.


Looks like Emily spent the few nights outside and didn't sleep at home!


She was about to be engaged and didn't control herself?


"How can I be in danger? Master .Jackson was by my side all the time. Yoưve worried for nothing!" Emily said while smiling. 

Did she want to slander me? Why doesn't she find out first where she had been these few days before saying anything?



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