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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 6




When Emily Gale awoke, she was the only one in the car.


The evening gown she had worn was tossed aside and torn into pieces. A sense of unease welled up inside her, how horny was she back then?


What had she just done? Was she who tore her evening dress? Where did she get such strength?


As soon as she sat up, she frowned at the pain. The fragmentary memories gradually became clear.


She had just, sat on Hunter, taken off his clothes, unfastened his belt, and pulled his pants off. God! She had just sex with the most desired man in the city. The almost untouchable leader of the Jackson Family!


But it seems like there's something wrong. Why did she feel so embarrassed right now? lt takes two to tango, he wanted it Just as bad as he.


"It hurts!" With his jacket wrapped around her, Emily sat up and peeked out of the window.


Not far away, Hunter s tall figure stood against the wind, no one knows what Liam was telling him.


This was now the second time she had met him for the first time, however, by watching his perfect figure viewed from the behind, her heart still trembled at the first. Her hand covered her chest tightly and bit her lower lip.


“No way l will fall for him again! This man is absolutely heartless!"


In her last life, no matter how hard she pursued, how much effort she expended, or how passionate she was, he was still cold like an ice-capped mountain that lasts a thousand years.


She thought, it wasn† that he couldn't love her, it was he couldn't love anyone! No, she would never again repeat this tragedy again in this life!


She fastened the buttons of her jacket carefully and climbed into the driver 's seat...


Not far from the car, Liam hung up the phone and immediately reported to Hunter respectfully, 'Everyone is still waiting at the hotel.


"Do you want to go back and continue the engagement banquet?"


With Hunter s status in Bentson City, no one would dare leave the party unless he said so.


If they had to wait all day they would because no one wanted to displease him.


Hunter didn’t speak, his eyes stared deeply at the sea horizon far away. Liam had known Hunter for years, but no one could ever guess what he was thinking. His eyes were too cold and unpredictable.


Mr. Hunter did not talk and Liam did not dare to disturb him. Liam quietly waited for him by the beach.


After a long pause, Hunter turned his gaze towards the car, “The engagement continue as planned."


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