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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 62

The door was shut. Listening to the hurrying doorsteps outside, Nancy could not make a response.

“Is she really Emily Gale?”

Amy Winston told her that Emily was hard to handle.

She recalled what just happened with Emily. Emily was panicked easily and got angry so fast by other people's words.

Emily obviously could not fight back except feeling sorry for herself.

Was Emily the one that people claimed a troublesome woman? Why did she look like an idiot?

Amy was confused. The last time she saw Emily, Emily was still showing her calmly cunning.

But this time, Emily just went away after scolding for a while.

She left everything there, all were branded items!

“Rich people were indeed different from normal people, purchasing the branded stuff without even hesitation.”

Amy went down her bed instantly. She walked to the table with surprise in her eyes.

“These are just the compensation she sent over. She is not robbed by us!”

This mountain of stuff could have cost for a few hundred thousand!

The slut must be using Hunter Jackson's credit card again!

Amy thought to herself: It would be great if Hunter Jackson could give her the platinum black card!

“Amy, these stuffs...” Nancy looked at the stuff on the table, her eyes were blinking.

“She abandons these stuffs by herself. If she wants to get them back, we just deny everything she says.”

There was no name labelled on the stuff anyway. They did not have to be afraid of Emily if she insisted to get them back.

“If she dares to get her thing back, you just pretend to be pushed by her, just like what you did to Sally Cox in the afternoon.”

Branded bags and branded cosmetics! Nancy’s mind was full of the branded labels. She did not want to care about others!

“By then, I will continue to snap photos and post the photos that benefit us online. She will have to even lose more by then!”


Amy could not control herself anymore, she rushed to unpackage Chanel's shopping bags.

But... How, how could that be?

Inside the bags, only newspapers could be found. There were no branded bags and branded cosmetics.

But, these shopping bags were obviously authentic!

They were stunned. What had happened?

“Emily, that slut, is playing fool on us!”

Amy thought that it was abnormal. Was she playing fool on them just to let them disappointed and nothing more?

“I think...something bad is going to happen...” Nancy looked at Amy.

Amy could not think of anything at that time. At the same time, hurrying footsteps outside could be heard suddenly.

She rushed to her bed and lay down. Just then, Nancy shouted suddenly, “Amy, why do you open the live channel?”

“Live?” Amy was confused, “What?”

“Your live channel, you...” Nancy went over and showed her the phone instantly, “You see, these are...”

These were them!

It showed exactly what they were doing, Amy was lying on the bed and Nancy was showing her the phone!

“How come this can happen?” Amy was shocked and almost wanted to jump up from her bed.

They were in a state of panic and trying to search for Amy's phone. However, Amy's phone was not showing anything.

Out of the blue, the door was knocked. Emily walked in.

“What do you want to do?” Amy was crazily shocked.

Her phone was in low battery and put aside. But, how could she open the live channel?

However, the ID showed by Nancy to her was indeed her own live channel ID!

“Ops, my dear, why do you behave like that? Did you do anything guilty?” Emily grinned and walked in.


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