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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 63

“Sally, CEO Reed said that it was not your fault that you were wronged. To show that he misjudged you before, he decided to strengthen the cooperation with us.”

Richard's voice sounded excited.

After saying this happily, he added, “This time it’s all thanks to you, Sally. Remember to come home early tonight for dinner. I will have your favorite dishes prepared. You must come!”

“... Okay, Richard.”

Sally was still a bit muddleheaded, as if she was not fully awake. Before she could gain the clarity back, she got another phone call from Mandy.

“Sally, Larry said that he blamed me wrongly. He thinks that those rumors were deliberately fabricated by someone!”

Mandy's voice sounded extremely excited, “I'm going on a trip with him. He said, he'll love me and care for me even more in the future!”

“Sally, what I said before was only because I was angry. Don't take it to heart. I will bring you a present when I come back from my trip!”

Sally felt even more muddleheaded. She was still confused when Mandy hung up the phone without giving her chance to respond.

“Emily...” It seemed like only Emily could explain to her what was happening.

“How can I know?” Emily shrugged, “Maybe they felt ashamed that they wronged you just like everyone else before. And now they feel guilty.”

“Emily, do I really look that stupid?” Sally murmured.

“I don’t know how you look like, but I know that you really are very stupid!”

Emily gave her a blank look, and said. Her face was so serious that Sally didn’t dare to refute her.

Today was really a day packed with “wonderful” things. Even the 18 years of Sally’s life couldn't compare in experience to just one day of today.

She was so disturbed that she almost jumped off a building. Even thinking about it was horrible!

However, what was happening now didn't make any sense!

It made some sense to think that Larry thought that he had misunderstood her sister, Mandy, and they were now back together.

However, it really was far-fetched to think that a business tycoon like CEO Reed felt guilty that he misjudged a little girl and offered her brother more business cooperation.

No matter how she thought of the whole thing. It seemed like there was an ‘invisible hand’ behind it all, helping them to push all this forward!

Moreover, this ‘invisible hand’ could change everything as its wish! A hand that was powerful enough to flip everything over!

“Emily, didn't you really ask for help from anyone?” Sally asked her curiously.

“I am just a poor student. Who can I ask for help from?” Emily didn’t look at Sally when she answered her.

“For example, someone like Young Master Hun...”

“If Emily says she didn’t then she must not have. When did she ever lie to you?”

Terry started the car and drove out from the underground parking garage of Suntech Hospital.

Terry didn't like her questioning Emily. She also didn’t want Emily to feel embarrassed. So Sally also didn’t ask more.

After this whole thing was over, she felt like she was born again. Even the air she was breathing was fresher for her.

Finally, everything was over.

Now, it was Amy’s turn to live in hell. The live broadcast just now was really interesting.

“Joe, you are really amazing. How did you remotely control Emi’s phone and log in to Amy's live broadcast account on Emi’s phone?”

Using someone else's live broadcast account could leave a trail of evidence behind and could lead to getting caught.

If they got caught from taking pictures without others’ permission, they could be in serious trouble.

However, if Amy's own account was used, it would be another story. Amy wouldn't find them easily or give them trouble afterwards. Joe, sitting in the front passenger's seat, smiled triumphantly and said, “Just a little trick. I come with a lot of little benefits. You just haven't had time to witness them.”

Emily felt a sudden chill in her heart.

Joe was indeed really amazing, but she remembered last life, because of his abilities, he was used by Wendy all his life.

“Joe.” Emily suddenly called him.



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