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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 64

Matriarch Robinson decided to put the banquet forward because of the return of her most beloved grandson.

Due to his health condition, Vincent Jackson had been nursing in the hospital in Lingzhou for 3 years.

It was said that he would come back in the end of this year; whereas he just returned without telling anyone for unknown reasons.

Emily Gale was shocked when she heard the news.

Vincent was back!

Finally, he came back!

“Which one looks better? Liam White. This dress or the one I tried just now? Tell me!”

This was the fourth one. She had already tried three dresses.

Liam White had never seen Milady was so nervous like today before, not even when she was engaged with Young Master Hunter.

However, what they did not know was that Vincent had died to save her in last life.

How could she stay calm since they finally got a chance to meet each other in this life?

Emily was so impulsive that she almost wanted to remove the makeups on her face. She knew that Vincent was neat and he hated the smell of cosmetics.

Vincent, the foolish man, had made her crumble at that moment when he died for her.

Now, he came back! He was still alive!

No. It was her who was back alive. She came for him again!

Sitting on the couch, Hunter Jackson frowned her eyebrows. He had noticed Emily was very shy and acting unusual.

Why would she be so stressed for such a common family feast?

Additionally, she had been to the Jackson Family in this morning. How weird that she started feeling nervous now. Wasn't it a little unreasonable?

"Milady, I think all the suits fit you...." what else could Liam say, seeing Young Master Hunter was sitting there.

Although, in Liam's mind, he would like to say there was no difference in whatever clothes with such a face.

Emily rolled her eyes at Liam. She knew that these words were against his will.

She accidentally glanced at Hunter who was sitting on the couch.

Emily actually wanted to know his advice. However, as the superior Young Master Hunter, how could he have time to give her suggestion?

He was so busy with work. She was afraid that Hunter hadn't looked at her at all.

Emily was upset and was about to change the dress. “The second one looks good," Hunter said with a deep voice behind her.

"You also think the second one is nice?" she was stunned. She said with surprise.

The second dress is the one with white flowers. Emily liked it a lot, but she couldn't make up her decision without others’ suggestion.

Unexpectedly, in spite that he had been working, Hunter could even pick the dress for her.

Did he take a look at her each time she came downstairs?

Hunter didn't say anything more. He wouldn't pay attention to such trivia.

Nobody knew the reason Hunter chose the second one was because he really thought so, or just chose it randomly.

Perhaps it was only for saving time.

Nonetheless, Emily came upstairs delightfully and put on the second suit back.

Then she loosely tied her hair on one side with a silvery-gray hair string.

The outfit was absolutely beautiful regardless of her face. Unfortunately, the face was really ugly.

The look in the eyes of the two men was obviously different when Emily came downstairs.

Liam thought it was a pity that even the dress was great, her face though...

It was the feeling of seeing “flowers inserted in cow dung’, but he didn't dare to say so.

Hunter glanced at her deeply, which made people hard to guess his feelings.

Hunter was so confused what kind of charm did Emily have to make him always lose control of his feelings towards her.

He didn't expect he would lose control like that today. He didn't even close the door.

Hunter was reluctant to admit it since he had been used to controlling everything.


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