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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 81

As Emily felt someone was gazing at her coldly, she couldn't sleep anymore.


Emily moved her slender eyelashes. And as soon as she opened her eyes, Hunter's incomparably handsome face appeared in sight.


She blinked and didn't come to her senses.


This man and his face had shown up in his dream all night. Could it be that she was still in the drearn?


She subconsciously reached out her hand to touch his cheek.


Surprisingly, before she could touch the bridge of his nose with her fingertips, someone grabbed her hand. And after that, her hands were pressed to the side of her head.


"Young Master Hunter..."


"Did anyone allow you to sleep in my bed?” Hunter narrowed his eyes.


Whenever he squinted his eyes, the look in his eyes was always particularly dangerous, making people dare not look directly at him.


But in just one night, he had become even colder than he had been at first!


The pair of eyes that looked so warming in her dream finally became cold in her sight.


Emily pursed her lips and gently pushed him, "You were sick last night, Young Master Hunter. And I just wanted to take care of you.”


“Did you need to take care of me in the bed?” HUnter lowered his head and glanced over her body.


Emily was only shocked to realize that her body seemed to feel a little chilly.


Looking down, she saw that her clothes were extremely disheveled!


Her skirt was ripped open in several pieces. As it hung on her body loosely, it barely covered anything.


She panicked, reached up to her chest, and covered it. But she still couldn't cover much of it.




“Are you trying to tell me that I ripped your clothes?” He raised his cold eyes.


Emily really wanted to pick up a pillow and smash it hard at his head. How come he could shift the blame since he didn’t remember anything after getting drunk?


“No, I ripped it off by myself.” Emily didn’t bother to argue with him and struggled.


"Young Master Hunter, your bed is too dignified for me to sleep in. Let go and let me up, okay?”


"After you climbed into my bed, how come you intended to run away like that?” He straightened up his face and furrowed his eyebrows tighter.


Emily was speechless and wondered what Hunter was doing this for.


If she stayed, he would say that she had climbed the bed to seduce him. If she left, he would say that she was irresponsible. He was simply trying to drive her to a dead end.


"Young Master Hunter, I really had no ill will towards you. If you don't believe me, ask Peter and Liam. You were sick last night and they were both here."


Liam, who had just happened to reach the door, immediately turned around and fled.


Emily just happened to catch his fleeing figure. Staring at the empty doorway, she was completely dumbfounded.


She thought, “This b*stard. Why can't he just give me a testimony?”


“How could he just run away like this when I needed him most?”


“Do you need a man that badly?” Hunter's words sounded pretty harsh today.


Emily thought about it and still couldn't figure out why he was treating her this way.


Although he wasn't enthusiastic before, at least, he meant her no malice, right?


What was with all the malice today?


She still had one hand gripping her lapel. Since her skirt had been torn in such a way, she would go bare at any moment if she didn't hold it tightly.


“Young Master Hunter, will you be reasonable? You got drunk like that last night and had a high fever... ”


“Do you expect me to believe that?" A high fever? In Hunter's opinion, he surely wouldn't have any fever.


Emily was helpless, wondering why Hunter had denied everything after he had woken up.


"You... You did have a high fever! By the way, I also gave you an injection, right in the butt.. Mmm!"


She bit her lips tightly and was too frightened to grunt at his sudden approach.


She somewhat figured it out that it wasn't that he didn't believe her explanation, but, rather, he didn't want to hear her explanation at all!


Since he didn't want to hear her out, everything she said would be wrong!


"I'm sorry, Young Master Hunter. You have nothing to lose anyway. So let me up first, okay?”


It was right to show her weakness when she couldn't reason with him. Anyway, he didn't want to bother with her either.


As expected, Hunter did let go of her hand after a cold glance at her. Then he sat up from the bed.


He was wearing a loose robe. But as for how he had put the robe on, he wasn't impressive at all.


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