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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 82

Emily didn't always stay in Young Master Hunter's WongRiver Pavilion.


She went back to clean herself up and came to the main house to chat with the Old Lady for a while. Then, she went back to school.


Although Hunter's words were quite hurtful, on second thought, it was also true that it was not right for her to be alone with 

Vincent last night.


She was just feeling a bit bad because of Hunter’s distrust of her.


But why should he trust her? They had nothing to do with each other at all.


“Cutie Emily, why don't you stay at the Jackson family’s house today?”


Sally Cox didn't expect that Emily would be back on the weekend. They didn't even have to go to class today.


There aren't many people I know at Jackson family’s house. So what's the point of staying there?”


Emily placed the luggage bag in a corner with the things she usually used.


“Even the luggage is here. What? Are you all going to live in the school dorms from now on?”


Originally, Sally thought that a rich family like the Jackson family wouldn't let her live in the dormitory even if Emily had to go to school.


Although it was convenient to live in the dormitory, the environment there wasn't good.


“I'm still going to school. Shouldn't I live in a dormitory?”


In her last life, she had lived in the dormitory on school days and had only returned to Hunter's villa on weekends.


Of course, Hunter didn't stop her. He would have preferred her to stay away from him so as not to get in his way.


“Alright. You will just live in the dormitory. Anyway, the dormitory is also quite good”


Since Emily came back to live with her, of course, Sally was even happier. Without Emily by her side, Sally felt insecure at 



“By the way, Emily, regarding the office you asked Joe Davis to rent, they found a few places and are still waiting for your confirmation.”


"So soon?” She had asked Joe to do so at dinner last time. Joe couldn't be more efficient when it came to getting things done.


“If it weren't for those things that happened in the past two days..."


Sally still felt a little scared every time she thought about it.


But it's okay now. It's over.


Sally said, “They could have done it faster. They just got held up by all that crap.”


"Call Joe. We'll go see it now and settle it over the weekend.”


Joe and Terry found a few places, all of which were near the school.


Emily finally rented an office in a slightly remote location, whose environment was nice and not expensive.


The office was on the twenty-eighth floor of the Richery Building, which was over three hundred square feet. And the rent was twenty-five thousand dollars a month with a two-for-one deposit.


"Wow, it's huge!" Sally walked in and was amazed at the hall.


The office was more than three hundred square feet, which was indeed very, very spacious and many times more spacious 

than the house that Terry and Joe had rented outside.


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