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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 88

Joe and Sally sent Terry back together. This time, Terry didn’t allow Emily to follow.


Liam drove the car over. They only left the hospital until midnight and returned to Hunter's villa.


On the way back, Emily wanted to say something to Hunter several times.


However, Hunter was very unconcerned. Obviously, he was still angry.


Although she was grateful for him to save her, but he was so cold and arrogant, she really didn't know how to break the embarrassing atmosphere.


In the end, she could only remain silent.


The car stopped outside the main house of the villa.


As soon as Hunter got out of the car, he walked to the hall door without hesitation.


Emily chased him up, "Young Master Hunter...”


However, Hunter didn't pay attention to her at all. In a blink of an eye, he already walked through the hall and went upstairs.


He was so unfeeling, what was he going to do?


She knew that she was unwilling to go home with him the first time to take care of Terry tonight, which completely angered him.


However, she also made it very clear that Terry was her friend, and it was impossible for her to leave her friend down.


Did this man have to be so cold and arrogant? Must everyone obey him?


Then he would be so angry if someone didn't obey him occasionally?


Emily was terrified all night, and now she was tired enough.


Looking at the cold expression on Young Master Hunter's face, no one would be happy.


She pursed her lips, and walked upstairs sorrowfully.


Going back to her guest room, after taking a shower and putting on a set of clean clothes, Emily felt refreshed.


She went downstairs to the kitchen and took a bottle of baking soda, and was about to go back to the room to sleep.


When she went upstairs, she saw Liam coming down from the stairs looking for water to drink.


Emily just nodded at him, said hello, and walked past him upstairs.


*Milady, Liam looked at her from behind, he was hesitated.


He still felt wronged, for Young Master Hunter.


He knew that he shouldn't say something, and he didn't have the qualifications to say it, but he didn't feel comfortable without 

saying it.


"Milady, can't you... be more patient and caring about Young Master?"


Emily looked at him, what did he mean?


It was Hunter who was not willing to pay attention to her. She thought she was patient enough!


However, what else could she do if Hunter didn’t give her any chance?


Should she beg him to take a look at her.


Didn't Liam know how indifferent Hunter was?


Liam took a deep breath. He had to say it even if he shouldn't say!


"The Young Master was injured, but, Milady, you did not..."


“What are you talking about? He was hurt?” Emily's heart tightened and her expression changed. "When? Tonight? But I...”


“But you didn't see it, Malady, did you?”


When it came to this, Liam was not afraid of being blamed by Hunter afterwards, he really couldn't see him alone!


"Milady, what you care about is only your friends. You only see that your friend is injured, but you don't know that Young Master Hunter also gets hurt to protect you.”


"Young Master feels uncomfortable, even Peter is not allowed to touch him. I wanted to give him medicine, but I was kicked out...”


Emily walked upstairs quickly and pushed the door open.


What Emily saw was the man sitting by the bed.


He had already taken a bath and changed into a nightgown. At this moment, he only wore casual pants, and the nightgown 

was left aside.


Holding a cotton swab in his hand, he was applying medicine to himself.


And on his arm, there was a wound caused by a knife.


Most of the blood has stopped, but there was still a little blood oozing out.


The injury was not serious, but it looked painful!



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