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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 91

He was still domineering.


Emily looked at Hunter's back. After hesitating for a moment, she walked to the other side of the big bed, opened the quilt and lay down.


But she didn't think of it. If she slept here, Hunter would just stare at her.


Hunter didn't close his eyes, his eyes did fall on Emily, which made Emily a little nervous.


She didn't know whether to lie down, or just turn her back to him.


But being stared at by him, Emily always felt uncomfortable.


His gaze was too sharp, he was still so energetic when he was about to sleep.


It was really rude to stare at others like this! Didn't he know it at all?


"Master Hunter, I have to go to class tomorrow.” Emily reminded.


"Yeah." Hunter responded indifferently. His gaze still fell on her side.


Emily didn't know if he was looking at her, or whether he had no focus at all.


After all, he was just lying on his side, facing right here.


However, the person being watched was really a bit embarrassed.


It was almost three oclock, and there were only less than four hours left before dawn.


She was really sleepy, and finally bit her lip and turned her back to him.


“I just made you displeased?" Behind her, the man's voice became more and more cold.


She turned her head abruptly, and her gaze slammed into the depths of his eyes.


Deep, like stars in the night sky, and like two black holes. After letting her look in, it was difficult for her to get out again.


Finally, she moved her gaze away from the depths of his eyes forcefully. However, her gaze fell on his chest again.


That seductive chest muscle...


Wow! Emily didn't know if the temperature of the air conditioner in the room was adjusted too high, it was a bit hot...


She lowered her eyes and only dared to look at her own hand, “Hunter, it's really late, let's..."


"I feel a little headache.” Hunter said.


The words were a bit abrupt, but luckily, she reacted quickly.


Emily felt nervous. She leaned in and reached out to touch his forehead.


The temperature was not high or low. Emily didn’t know if it was normal or he had a little low-grade fever.


“I'll take your temperature." She wanted to lift the quilt and get up.


"I'm tired.” Hunter's arm crossed the quilt, and actually draped on her body through the quilt.


"Young Master Hunter...”


"It's comfortable to put it like this." He closed his eyes, seeming not to care about his behavior at all.


Emily sighed, too. His arm was injured. If put it under the quilt, and the quilt might touch the wound.


Although it had been bandaged, it would hurt even if being touched.


Put it outside the quilt, it should be safer.


But why did he put his arm on her? Was her height just enough to make him feel comfortable?


Emily became a "cushion" for him to place his arms, and she was really helpless.


However, his arm wasn't directly on her body, it was separated by a quilt, and the place where it hit her was her belly.


It seemed... it was okay to let him press it all night. As long as his wounds healed, it was worthy.


Then Emily glanced at Hunter quietly. After he closed his eyes, he didn't move again, and even his breathing gradually 

became even.


But for two minutes, he breathed smoothly and looked like he was really asleep.


He was tired all night. At this moment, not only Hunter, but she was also sleepy and tired.


Emily pursed her lower lip. She was relieved, and closed her eyes.



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