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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 96

One hundred thousand Yuan! For the majority of students, this was an immeasurable amount!


They didn't need to think about whether it was possible for her to produce this one hundred thousand Yuan or whether she had someone very rich backing her up. Since she had declared this, they believed that she could produce this amount of money.


A few students among the crowd were raring to go for it since the money was very tempting.


However, did they really see what happened with their own eyes?


“If it's found that there aren't any of my fingerprints on this girl's body, but someone claims that ‘he has seen me pushing her and provides this observation as evidence, he could very well be charged with slander crime.”


“Emily, are you trying to threaten us now?” Cici grabbed her only opportunity to fight back as she retorted.


Emily just snickered coldly while looking down on her, “I'm not making empty threats. I'm just stating the truth. Can you be sure that I have left my fingerprints on her shirt?"


Who could be sure of that? After all, nobody had actually seen her pushing that girl!


Judging from Emity's arrogant attitude at the moment, if someone had actually seen her pushing that girl, he or she would 

definitely stand out and explain. After all, she wasn't wearing gloves or anything of the sort. If she was involved in an altercation, there was no way she wouldn't leave her fingerprints somewhere on her body.


But at the moment, nobody had stood up in response to Emily's challenge.


They were starting to wonder whether it was these three girls who were actually slandering Emily.


“Just now, I think she fell down purposely by herself.” Someone offered softly.


“Cici, why haven't you called the police yet?” Emily took another two steps forward,


Cici was astonished by her action and she unexpectedly flopped to the ground as she whimpered, “Emily.”


“What's going on here? Are you going to say that I have pushed you right now? I don't think your trick is working anymore; I never even touch you for once. This time, I'm sure everybody can be my witness.”


She was right! Emily didn't push her at all, it looked more like Cici had flopped to the ground on her own because she was 

intimidated by Emily. Would this make Emily look like a bully?


On the other hand, why was Emily being so assertive and adamant at this moment? Wasn't she that stupid and ugly fool 

whom everyone remembered her as?


“why haven't you called the police yet?” Emily stared at Cici who was sitting on the ground. She looked high and mighty right now, as the others were starting to panic.


Cici was still recovering from the shock, and she only returned to normal after a while.


She gnashed her teeth while clambering up from the ground, and then she threw a glare at Emily while bellowing, You have gone too far!”


“I'm just urging you to call the patice, how is that going toc far? I need them to prove my innocence too. Emily was expressionless at this moment. Her eyes were cold and indifferent, and she looked aloof and majestic right now.


“You are slandering me for forcing Amy and claiming that I had brought a dozen brawlers to Amy's ward. The Suntech Hospital is a big hospital, I'm sure there are a lot of surveillance cameras, am I wrong?”


“If such a serious incident had happened, do you think nobody in the hospital would witness it and upload photos on websites?"


“Or could it be that the hospital couldn't do anything to me and they weren't even planning te call the police? Do you think they would be this intimidated?”


“Your... your... your backer's power and influence is too widespread...” Cici was stammering now as she couldn't find anything to refute her.


“Nowadays, we can learn and know about everything on the internet. Even if it is someone influential like Hunter, he can't completely suppress the freedom of speech of the public.”


She felt sorry for bringing up his name again.


In Bentson City, Hunter was a very good reference to make when it came to choosing someone everybody knew of. He was undoubtedly famous in this city.


“Maybe you should tell me, who else is better than him to the point that he can even control public opinions?”


Cici was staring at her while thinking, “Isn't this bitch’s backer Hunter himself?" But since everybody thought that she was under the wing of an old geezer, Cici didn't want to destroy this impression. It was better if everybody thought that she was being provided for by an old geezer. Since she was an ugly girl, Hunter would abandon her sooner or later.


“Why are you still hesitant? You should call the police naw! What are you waiting for?” Emily crossed her arms in front of her chest while chuckling coldly, “Unless you're actually the guilty one here.”


“Why should I feel guilty...” Cici replied weakly.


“Then go ahead and call the police.” One of the onlookers urged her, “She had brought with her so many brawlers and whipped up such a big incident. She had violated the law.”


“Yes, Cici, go call the police, I don't believe that her old geezer is so great that he can even bend the law!"


“He's right; nowadays the police are targeting private gangs. Call the police so that that old geezer can be sent packing!”



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