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Stomp on Your Broken Heart With Our Babies novel Chapter 1

Ten months later, Bonnie was finally in labor.

Lying on the operating table, she was dazzled by the bright shadowless lamp. Then she heard the nervous voices from the obstetrician and nurses.

"We have a breech birth here. She needs an emergency C-section!"

"Too late. She's hemorrhaging. Call her family! They need to make a decision now!"

"Her family is here!"

Sebastian arrived?

Even since Bonnie Morgan got pregnant, he had never turned up. Now she was in labor, and finally he was here!

Her heart racing with excitement, Bonnie craned her neck and managed a few words, her lips chapped, "Sebastian, our baby… Why are you here, Bella Jones?!"

Bella, dressed in a white wedding gown covered with little diamonds, walked slowly towards Bonnie with a charming smile. Bonnie’s eyes stung as she saw this scene.

Bella was wearing the Angel's Wedding Dress, the dress she was going to wear at her and Sebastian’s wedding! But why was Bella wearing it now?

"I’m sorry, Bonnie. Sebastian won’t come to see you. He’s waiting for me at the ceremony now. We’re getting married today."

"This can’t be happening!" Bonnie shook her head violently. Seized with labor pains, she clenched her fists. "Sebastian said he’d marry me. We have a baby!"

Bella, however, stayed calm and spun the ring on her ring finger, "Sebastian doesn’t want me to suffer pain, so he chose you to suffer for me."

"Come on, Bonnie. Wake up! If Sebastian had feelings for you, he wouldn’t have left you alone here!"

"You’re lying. I want to see him. I need to see Sebastian!" Bonnie kept shaking her head, struggling to get off the operating table. But as soon as she moved, blood gushed out of her body and soaked the white sheets, dripping to the cold floor.

At this point, Bella’s phone rang, and the caller ID said "Hubby".

"Hello, Sebastian. I’m in the hospital. Bonnie is having a very hard delivery. She’s dying," Bella was able to speak the meanest words in the sweetest voice.

The voice on the other end of the line paused for a moment before saying slowly, "She should have died already!"

It was Sebastian’s voice!


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