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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Her Relationship With That Man
Roxanne had nowhere to go after fleeing the room, so she hid in the stairwell.
As she leaned against the wall and panted, she reached up to touch her aching lips. It felt as if the man’s warmth was still lingering on them.
A moment later, Roxanne lowered her eyes self-deprecatingly.
It had been many years, and she thought she had no feelings for Lucian anymore. Yet, after just one meeting with him, the man was wreaking havoc in her mind again.
After a while of recomposing herself later, Roxanne returned to the room.
The workers inside were still partying away, and they only became a little quieter when she entered.
Noticing that her mood seemed to have changed since she left the room, Colby furrowed his brows. “Why did you leave for so long? Did something happen? It’s… like something’s off with you.”
Roxanne gave him a nonchalant smile and shook her head. “It’s nothing. I gave my son a call.”
With that, she took a seat, not letting Colby ask her anything else.
Roxanne had left for quite a while. Not long after she returned, most were almost done with their partying.
Roxanne was not in the right mood, so she decided to end the party.
They all went downstairs together, and everyone bid goodbye to Roxanne and Colby.
Soon, only the two of them were left.
Colby softly suggested, “I’ll send you back if you don’t mind. You’ve drunk quite a lot tonight, and I’m worried about you.”
Roxanne inclined her head, not disagreeing with his offer. “Thank you.”
She had yet to buy a car after returning to the country.
It seems like I have to hurry up and get a car soon.
“It’s my pleasure.”
Colby opened the car door for her.
After thanking him again, Roxanne went into the car.
In the meantime, by the entrance of the restaurant, Cayden was fearfully looking at his employer’s back.
H-How can things be so coincidental? I can’t believe we’re watching Roxanne entering another man’s car.
As Cayden watched the car slowly drive off, he cautiously raised his head to observe his employer’s expression.
Lucian had a grimace on his face as he fixed his gaze on that car.
A beat later, he looked away and gritted out, “Check who that man is and what kind of relationship he has with her.”
Cayden hastily said yes to him.
By the time Lucian returned to the Farwell residence, it was already nine. After sweeping his gaze across the living room, he realized Estella was nowhere to be found. A slight frown crept onto his face at that. “Where’s Essie?”
Catalina, who took care of Estella, was on her way down the stairs. “Mr. Farwell, Ms. Estella is done with her shower and is now in her room. Would you like to go upstairs to see her?”
Lucian gave her a slight nod and began walking toward the stairs.
“Mr. Farwell, there’s something else I’d like to tell you about…”
Catalina hesitantly continued, “When Ms. Estella came home tonight, she had a bruise on her wrist. I asked her about it, but she refused to tell me anything. I’m not sure if she has been bullied at kindergarten. I think this is something important you should look into.
Lucian narrowed his eyes. “I understand. I’ll go upstairs and take a look at her.”
With that said, he quickened his footsteps to Estella’s room before knocking on the door.
Soon, Estella opened it for him. She did not have much reaction after realizing that Lucian had come home. After opening the door, she turned and walked back to where she came from.
Lucian followed her. Then, he saw the girl going back to her table and returning to her drawing.
He did not disturb her, for he noticed how focused she was. A while of waiting by the side later—when he saw her put down her pencil—he uttered, “Catalina said that you’re hurt. Let me take a look at you.”


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