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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 1


I heard the door open and by the clean and citrus smell I knew it was Darren. I didn’t bother standing up to welcome him home. What was the use? When I knew very well that he wouldn’t appreciate it nor would he want me to.

I was surprised that he come home. I rarely saw him nowadays and when I did, he either ignored me, avoided me or lashed out at me. He would at times stay away for days that I would forget I have a husband. The ever present pain in my heart is what constantly reminded me that I do have a mate. A mate that no longer wanted me.

His footsteps approach the dining room. I sat at the dining table with a cup in my hands. I don’t look up when his steps near. I still don’t look up when he stops a few feet from me. He throws some documents in front of me and that’s when I raise my head.

“What are these?” I ask suspiciously, my eyes meeting his obsidian orbs.

Just like every other time we crossed paths, his eyes are cold and his face is set in stone. It’s hard to believe that this was the same man who showered me with love and affection just a few months ago. Was it all just pretend? Has he been faking it all along, waiting for Miranda to come back?

“Sign them, those are separation papers. Since I never marked you, it was easy to get the elders to agree and approve our separation” he glared, almost as if just talking to me was ruining his day.

Who would have thought him not marking me would one day be used against me? Marking was the only subject we ever argued about. He had always made excuses about it and kept postponing it. His refusal to mark me should have been a red flag. But I kept making up excuses for him, thinking he would do it once he was ready.

I looked at him surprised. Never had I thought he would go to such lengths though. We have been together for ten years, ten good years. We had built a good life together and now he wanted to destroy all of it in just a few months of her arrival back into our lives?

“You can’t be serious Darren” I say sadly. My voice barely above a whisper

My tears were threatening to fall but I won’t allow them to. I’ve cried enough over the past few months. Couldn’t he see the pain he in my eyes? Was he so ignorant of how he was tearing me apart? I stood by him when she left. I build him back up after she had destroyed him. I was there for him through it all. So how could he carelessly throw away everything we had for a cheating slut?

“I am, now sign the goddamn papers” he snapped, his fist hitting the table, almost breaking it in half.

His face is contorted in anger. I jump away afraid and since he was close I collide with his body. This close to him I can smell her perfume. I can see the lipstick stain on his neck. He must have come from her place.

I am disgusted by his actions. That he would come to the house we turned into our home smelling like another woman. That he would blatantly disregard his vows and openly cheat on me with the same woman that broke him ten years ago.

The pain that cuts through my heart as I imagine them together is shattering. The image of him making love to her, touching her like he used to touch me refuses to leave my mind. Instead it tears my already shredded heart.

I step away from him and look at him defiantly. “I won’t sign them!”

“Excuse me?”

His eyes turn dangerously dark and waves of anger roll from him. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I rethink my decision but then I decide to stand firm. I couldn’t allow him to destroy what we’ve built. I was strong enough to fight for our family.

“I said I won’t sign them!” I hiss, glaring back at him.

My heart may be broken but I refuse to give up on him. To give up on our union. Miranda wasn’t going to waltz back in and ruin everything I have built. I refuse to let that bitch win.

“You’ll sign them or I swear on the moon goddess I’ll fucking destroy you” he growls.

“Do your worst Darren…you can’t break me anymore than you already have”

I stare at his handsome face, willing him to remember our love. To see past her deception and lies. To see the damage he was wrecking on my soul. But he doesn’t and I fear that just may be he is already too far gone.

“Oh darling, that’s where you’re wrong… You have no idea how much more I damage I can do” he smirks evilly and I have to prevent myself from shuddering at his coldness.

He turns around and stomps out of the kitchen. A few moments later I hear him climbing the stairs and I sag against the table. I let the tears that I had been holding back to freely fall.

Where had I gone wrong? Had I done something that angered the moon goddess and she was now punishing me? I just couldn’t understand.

I had been happy a few months ago. Content with my life. I had a loving family, great friends and my business was flourishing. I had even planned on getting pregnant. But in a blink of an eye everything came crushing down.


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