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The Bad Boy's Sweetheart novel Chapter 1


"Mommy, why can't I be professional pianist already?" I said while I swiftly trailed my soft fingers along the piano keys.


"Darling, it takes time, a professional isn't easy.” She advised as she stroked my blonde locks when I continued to play.


"I want to apply to Julliard one day, I spoke and she hummed to the music I was playing.


"I have faith in you, baby." She believed my talent would go somewhere far in the world. I was a pianist, who played her heart out in every key I pressed, it was almost I could touch other hearts when I play.


"Mom, you'll be here with me?" I asked in the empty music room at Michigan school. Her stormy eyes softened at me like a silent promise as she trailed her fingers in my hair soothingly.


“Always, darling.” She whispered to me but I could tell that she was keeping something from me.

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