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The Bad Boy's Sweetheart novel Chapter 3

The soothing finger brushes my hand had played on the piano was like an electric stroke to my heart as the emotions came to life and whirled around me. I was here in my second home, Michigan school. They had the music room open from the morning till the evening and it was all for me, the black grand piano was there for me and for my mother, who died promising me that she could watch me play. She was a no-show and dad had to tell me that she died when I was seven years old, playing on the same piano.


"You're still here." Alexa Jones whined at me. I flushed red as she pestered me about having the social life everyone was in. Aside from my insecurity that differentiated me from the gorgeous brunette that was my best friend, she was there for me when my mom was gone, we were kindergarten best friends and remained to be, even in our senior year. She had a bright big dimple on her left tanned cheek and forest eyes.


"Shoot, I'm late." I groaned when I stopped playing and checked my watch. I had the first class at eight and it was five minutes ago.


"You're always playing that thing and missing your classes.” She rolled her eyes as I bit my lip in protest. She didn't know the feeling as well as I did. I tried teaching her but that failed tremendously because she would often forget the keynotes I taught her and focused more on her nail polish color.


What she said was true, though. I wasn't paying attention to class because of the piano classics I played were always in my head. Soft and delicate against my fingertips. I was training for Julliard, I really hoped I had a chance to land on the finalists.


"Let's get to class." She had her arm around my shoulder as we both walked with our books in hand. I was in the music room a lot, in mornings and even after school. I was a music addict and each melody was my lifeline.


"Class, I want you to meet our new student,” the principal announced before lunch break in distaste, "Ryson Adams." The class gasped at the guy that entered while I was putting in the music notes for my new piano player. It was probably some jock wanting to show new attention to the female dogs.

I was elated to start my new music sheets for the annual winter ball in our school, I was going to take lead pianist. I couldn't wait, the time had already passed and I had lunch break then two classes only. My blonde locks were neatly tied at the back of my head but I usually let it loose when I sit in front of my piano in the music room, I thought it added to the appeal aside from my collection of music sheets that I wrote.

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