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The Bad Boy's Sweetheart novel Chapter 6

"Mommy, why is he beating you all the time?" I said, hands shivering around the thin quilt.

"Because even love is in the form of darkness." She said back with a smile as we both were locked up in the room.

"Where were you, kid?" My dad yelled as he shoved me to the couch. I laughed at his surprising question, he never asked unless he wanted me to take another blonde fuck for him.

"Walking." I hissed as my back ached from the rough push. My dad had good aim. He was always like that around me and my mom, he never loved her.

The foul smoke erupted everywhere in the small apartment. We only had one living room where dad slept and my tiny room since dad liked to

spend more on prostitutes and drinks.

"You didn't make my dinner." I rolled my eyes at his accusation, it wasn't like we had anything to eat.

"Fuck you and your dinner.” I stood up in rage as he clutched my shirt and dragged me to my room, he took his sweet ass off of his favorite couch just to beat me up. I laughed harder as every punch cracked my face and my dad got even more defensive. He left me alone after he realized

he had spilled all my blood out for a while. I knew he didn't have the guts to kill me because he needed me for his benefit.

I didn't move from the floor as I stared up the ceiling and cried for my mom.

The blonde haired girl didn't come to school today, I hadn't seen her, not that I cared anyway.

"Wow, you took a lot of beating.” The purple haired girl appeared to stand beside me as the next bell signaling for the first class was heard.

"You don't say." I snarked and went into the class, sitting as my sore face burned in pain. I was in a sour mood today due to a headache and the back pain when I passed out on the floor.

She was a no-show. I remembered our encounter yesterday, she seemed so worn out and defeated. Now, she wasn't anywhere when I searched the music room and the hallways.

Since my house was nearby like hers, I always walked to and from school, I saw her getting back to her house that was near mine. I put the frozen pea pack on my swollen cheek and jaw, but my dad's punches made it hard for me to stop throbbing in pain.

"Sorry, Mrs. Brenda." The blonde haired girl said.

"It's okay, Evannie. I know you were working hard for the winter ball, I can’t wait to hear you.” I scoffed lowly at the fact that the girl was the teacher's pet. Mrs. Brenda, the Biology teacher, gestured for Evannie to take a seat and she does, typically in the front row.

My eyes were on her the entire time, she wore a light pink sweater with brown knee lengthed pants that made her emerald eyes stand out. Her hair was styled in curls as it drifted to her waist, I almost howled with laughter when she tied it like she did before.

"Rys, what's the function of sperms?" I hadn't heard my name until she repeated her question and I blinked.

"Making girls pregnant.” I shrugged as I laid back on the chair. The whole class laughed and Mrs. Brenda scowled at me then proceeded to ask different people, I tuned them all out.

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