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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife novel Chapter 2

Six years passed like a flash

At the airport, a beautiful woman together with two children, hand in hand at both sides. They are the children that Miya brought up in those years, and the other one was stolen by her father for money.

Feeling the familiar emotions, she finally came back here six years later. She always reminds of the stolen child. Child, do you know your Mommy always miss you? Mommy came back because she couldn't let you go.

Miya is still refined. Her figure is as exquisite as it was then. Her clear eyes are stained with a steady temptation. Her body has a mature charm. After six years of hard work, she grown up. She is no longer the simple eighteen-year-old girl!

Ben wore a big sun glasses, covering up most of his small face, revealing only a tender pink lip and perfect chin. His lips always have a gentle and elegant smile, which makes many people look at him. It seems that they all want to see the handsome face under the sunglasses.

Joey wore a beautiful sunshade hat so that her delicate little face was shared with everyone. And her big eyes were always crooked with laughter, which made many people drool unconsciously.

“Wow, isn't the little star Joey?” Suddenly there was a little boy screaming out, his eyes were full of amazing brilliance. It seems that he couldn't expect to meet the little star here.

His scream provoked everyone to turn around and turn their heads. All of them came to this side.

Miya felt dizzy. Her daughter had only been on TV once. When did she become a little star? And she was with her daughter last time, how could no one recognize her?

Ben laughed wickedly and let go Miya's hand. He took off his sunglasses by his own way, and suddenly an angel-like face shocked the eyes of people on the spot. They forgot to look for Joey at the same time.

Meanwhile, Miya took the opportunity to escape the crowd with Joey.


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