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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife novel Chapter 3


“Miya! Where are you? Obviously, Adam is in a hurry.


Miya was stunned. In her impression, Adam would never be angry.


“I'm home, I..." Crack! With a sound, she seemed to hear the cell phone crash over there. Why did he suddenly get so angry? Is it because she left secretly?


Looking at the villa in front of her, she sighed and deceived to explained this to Adam someday. She went to find her best friend Lisa first so that she could let her children have a place to stand.


Miya parked near the door. Before she could knock at the door, there came out of a vigorous figure, which was getting closer and closer until Miya could see his face clearly. It made her wince.


What a handsome man, his carved fine features, brown hair, thick black eyebrows, a pair of deep eyes, high nose, sexy thin lips, like a prince came out from fairy tales.


Alex glanced at Miya, and his deep eyes flashed a glimmer of luster. What a beautiful and refined woman, he did not even look at the children around her, but he hurried away with his assistant as if there was something important.


However, Alex's assistant couldn't help but look back at the children beside Miya, the little boy looked like the young master, especially the shiny eyes.


When Lisa saw Miya, she couldn't help staring. Then she looked at the two children in her hands. Her eyes even stared bigger.


Wondering her brother is always devoted to Miya, she didn’t know what would her brother Lance think of her if he saw these two children.



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