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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 110

Rosiley and Yayoi waited for half an hour before Manny arrived.


Manny had been suppressed. In just two days, she became incomparably haggard.


Seeing her like this, the staff on the scene felt sorry for her.


“This is retribution.”


Yayoi only shook her head and sneered. Then, she raised her camera and filmed the scene on her own.


Perhaps the sound of shooting attracted Manny's attention, and she suddenly looked over.


She was angry in the first place, but the moment she saw Rosiley, she became instantly resentful.


“Rosiley, you bitch!"


Manny cursed angrily and turned around to push Rosiley fiercely.


Her speed was so fast that none of the people present could stop her.


Rosiley was unprepared for this crazy woman who had suddenly gone berserk. She was pushed and staggered backwards.


“Manny, are you crazy?”


Yayoi quickly supported Rosiley and glared at Manny.


Rosiley hurriedly stood steadily and said coldly, “Manny, are you insane? I know the advertisers have cancelled your contracts. But can you randomly hit me in anger?”


“Rosiley, stop pretending. Aren't you the one who caused my trouble now? If you hadn't asked that man to set me up, how would I have so much trouble?”


Manny's eyes were red and she looked hysterical.


“That man?"


Rosiley frowned and was alittle puzzled.


It seemed that Manny knew that her endorsement was cancelled because of Rosiley.


Did Manny know that Sachin had done that?


Although Rosiley was a little surprised, she forced herself to calm down and said, “I don't understand what you're saying.”


“What? Are you still acting like you don't know anything at this time? You don't know the man who stood with you that night. Rorey said that he helped you set me up in secret, which was why all my endorsements were cancelled.”


Manny gritted her teeth. She looked vicious and lost all the gentleness.


The tense confrontation between them attracted many onlookers.


When the onlookers heard this, they were surprised and looked at Rosiley with disbelief.


Rosiley was very calm and could vaguely guess that the man Manny was talking about was Payton.


Sachin used Payton as a shield again!


Rosiley was happy for Sachin's action, but her expression was bone-chilling. “Manny, how can you believe what Rorey says? When did you become so obedient? Don't forget that she and I are mortal enemies. Perhaps she just wants to use you to suppress me! Besides, why are you so brave to interrogate me? The night before yesterday, you and Rorey did something. Did you forget it so quickly?"


Others might not understand Rosiley's words, but Manny understood them immediately.


“What did you do?"


She didn't have the courage to look at Rosiley. She became less arrogant. "Stop framing me, Rosiley. Although I don't know who the man behind you is, you're not the only one with a background. I advise you to stop suppressing me. Otherwise, I will definitely get back at you.”


“Really? Then I would like to see how you plan to get back at me.”


Rosiley sneered at Manny's threat.


Rosiley was not afraid that Manny would act recklessly. In any case, she had Manny on the ropes.



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