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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 112

When Payton saw Rosiley, he was also a little surprised.


However, from their conversations, he had guessed that Rosiley and the woman named Juliet were good friends. Now that she saw him, Payton couldn't be calm any longer.


“Rosiley, don't listen to her nonsense. What happened between us was just an accident. I can have all types of women as I please. How could I take advantage of her?”


Payton grinned and tried to defend his reputation.


What a joke!


Although he was usually a bit arrogant and unrestrained, he was not the kind of person who could play with women. If he was labeled as a pervert, he wouldn't be able to mess around.




Juliet widened her beautiful eyes in surprise, “How come, Rosiley? Why does this playboy call you so intimately?”


Rosiley shrugged, “Because he is Payton, my husband's brother.”




Juliet was astonished. She had been arguing with him here for a long time. But it turned out that he was a relative of her friend. ‘No, this guy was not one of them!’


After a while, Juliet finally regained her senses and snorted, “For the sake of your relationship with Rosiley, I can forgive you. However, I'll definitely cut off your hand if it happens again.”


Juliet's threat was completely useless for Payton.


He simply curled his lips and said, “Don't worry. I can get any women as long as I want. I’m not interested in you.”




Juliet couldn't help but feel irritated. This playboy was a bastard. She had showed her mercy, but the guy was still arrogant.


However, Rosiley stopped Juliet when she was about to lose her temper. Rosiley rolled her eyes at Payton, “Don't.”


Payton smiled embarrassingly. He got up from his seat and said, “Alright, since you are here, I won't say anything.”


Then he stretched and smiled at the director beside him. “Mr. Ziv, can I leave now?”


“Of course. You can all leave now.”


Mr. Ziv waved his hand. The others were surprised at his impatience. But Mr. Ziv just ignored. ‘The two big trouble were finally leaving. Mr. Ziv might have celebrated with firecrackers if it hadn't been in the police office.


The conflict finally came to an end.


After leaving the police station, Payton parted with Rosiley and the others at the door.


As soon as he left, Yayoi asked, “Where are we going next?”


Rosiley pondered for a while and said, “Let's put Juliet’s luggage back first. Then let's go to Imperial Plaza tonight and throw a welcome party for Juliet.”


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