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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 126

As soon as Hazel left, Rosiley and Yayoi stopped talking about what happened just now. After having a pleasant lunch, they went back to work.


Around three o'clock in the afternoon, Rosiley suddenly received a phone call from Seneca.


Seeing the person calling was her father who had not contacted her for a long time, Rosiley looked up.


The man usually wouldn't call her. Every time he called her, there must be something wrong. She didn't know what he wanted this time.


After pondering for a while, Rosiley couldn't help but sigh. She answered the phone and said indifferently, “What's wrong?”


Unexpectedly, the voice over the phone wasn't Seneca’s but Butler Zhao's anxious voice, “Miss Rosiley, something bad happened.”


“Butler Zhao?”


Rosiley was stunned and frowned, “Butler Zhao, what happened?”


“It is Master. He is currently in the hospital for emergency treatment.”




Rosiley’s expression changed drastically as soon as the butler spoke.


She did not get along well with Seneca because of Rorey and Xenia over the years. However, no matter how bad their relationship was, they were still father and daughter. So, even Rosiley was always calm, she couldn't help but turn pale when she heard that Seneca, who had always been healthy, was ill.


“Is he sick? Is it serious?”


Rosiley barely regained her rationality and asked in a deep voice.


“I don't know. Master collapsed at noon. The doctor hasn't come out yet. Miss Rosiley, can you come and see Master?”


The butler's tone sounded a little solemn. Presumably Seneca’s situation was not optimistic.


Rosiley took a deep breath and immediately said, “I know. I'll be right there.”


After hanging up, Rosiley asked for leave from Lina and rushed to the hospital without stopping.


At this moment, three figures were waiting at the entrance of the emergency room of the Benin hospital.


One of them was Butler Zhao, who had just called Rosiley.


Butler Zhao walked around anxiously, and his old face filled with worry.


The other two were Xenia and Rorey.


At this moment, they were sitting on the chairs in the corridor with different expressions.


Rorey’s expression was indifferent. There was a glimmer of satisfaction in the depths of her eyes.


However, when she saw Butler Zhao walking back and forth, she became testy. “Butler Zhao, can you stop walking around? You're making me dizzy.”


“Sorry, Miss Rorey. I... I'm just worried about Master.”


Butler Zhao stopped and said with a fearful expression.


Rorey snorted coldly, “What are you worried about? The doctor has been giving him first aid. Is it useful to worry?”


“How can you say that, Miss Rorey? Master's life is uncertain now. Aren't you worried at all?”


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