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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 129

The next morning, Butler Zhao brought breakfast to the hospital for Rosiley.


“Miss Rosiley, you've been looking after Master for all night. You can go home and rest after breakfast. I'll just take care of Master here.”


The old man couldn't help but feel a little distressed at seeing Rosiley’'s red eyes. She didn't seem to have slept much.


“It doesn't matter, Butler Zhao. I'm okay. Besides, there's someone watching dad for me.”


Rosiley shook her head and rejected Butler Zhao's kindness.


Butler Zhao was quite old and could not be too tired. He was very kind to notice that Rosiley hadn't had breakfast yet. She was not willing to bother him anymore.


However, Butler Zhao was also shocked by Rosiley’s words, “Is there someone looking after Master for you?”


“Yes.” Rosiley smiled and led Butler Zhao into the lounge.


As soon as Butler Zhao entered, he saw Sachin standing inside.


The man was tall, handsome and indifferent. He was in a laudable tolerant spirit. Anyway, he looked a very outstanding person.


Butler Zhao was astonished for a moment and looked at Rosiley doubtfully, “Miss Rosiley, this is...?”


“Butler Zhao, he is Sachin Lu. He is ... my husband.” Rosiley hesitated for two seconds before introducing Sachin.


“Husband?” Butler Zhao stared at Sachin with astonishment. He held still for a long time.


On the contrary, Sachin greeted him politely.


Long after, Butler Zhao regained his senses and looked at Rosiley in disbelief, “Miss Rosiley, you ... you’re married?”


“Yes, I'm married!” Rosiley nodded and admitted frankly.


Butler Zhao still could not calm down. He was at a loss and didn't know what to do. “Miss Rosiley, when ... did you two get married? Master didn't know it, right? You, you...” Butler Zhao was clearly shocked.


What's more, Butler Zhao remembered that it wasn't long before Miss Rosiley broke up with Yunis. Now she had married another man. Could it be that she did this out of despair?


Rosiley couldn't help but laugh at hearing Butler Zhao's inherent speech, “Butler Zhao, Sachin is very kind to me. I am willing to marry him. So, I didn’t act recklessly. Don't worry.”


“Really?” Butler Zhao was suspicious. But seeing that Rosiley did not seem to be lying, his eyes were wet with tears. “That's good, that’s good. It’s good that Miss Rosiley can be happy...”


When Rosiley was betrayed by Rorey and Yunis before, Butler Zhao was worried that she could not make it. But fortunately, Rosiley found her own happiness.


“Butler Zhao, my marriage hasn't been announced. So, please keep it a secret for me. Don't let others know, especially Rorey and Xenia.” Rosiley said solemnly to Butler Zhao.


This was not the time to announce their relationship. If their marriage was known so early, it would be difficult for her to do anything in the future.


“Don't worry, Miss Rosiley. I will keep it a secret. As long as you and Mr. Lu live happily, I will be very delighted.”


Butler Zhao wiped his tears and smiled with satisfaction.



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