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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 149

Before going to work, Rosiley called Yayoi and wanted to pick her up. But she called her a few times and couldn't get through.


Rosiley became nervous again. She was worried that Yayoi would do something stupid on impulse.


After thinking for a while, she dialed Maddox's number.


“Hello, the number you dialed is temporarily unreachable. Please dial again later..."


Why couldn't she get through to their numbers?


Sachin came downstairs and saw her staring at her phone in a daze. He frowned and walked over, asking softly, "What's wrong?"


Hearing his voice, Rosiley raised her head and looked solemn, "I can't get through to Maddox and Yayoi."


"You can't get through to them?” How could it be so coincidental that both of their phones weren't connected?


"Yes." Rosiley nodded and was anxious. "I'm worried that Yayoi will do something stupid."


"She's not such a weak girl.” Sachin spoke in a conciliating voice and smiled, "You go to work first. I'll let Lane go to Maddox's place to take a look. Perhaps Maddox felt worried about her last night and brought her home."


Rosiley thought for a moment and felt that this was not impossible. So, she nodded and said, “Alright. Then let Lane hurry to take a look."


"OK." Sachin fondly touched her head.


As soon as she entered the Media Department, Rosiley saw Yayoi sitting in her seat.


She was astonished and then strode over.


"Yayoi." She called.


Yayoi, who was staring at the computer in a daze, regained consciousness while hearing the voice. When she turned around and saw Rosiley, her eyes instantly turned red.


“Rosiley.” Her voice was choking.


Rosiley held her hand and said softly, “It's okay. It's okay.”


Seeing her pale and exhausted face, Rosiley felt distressed.


"Why don't you ask for leave to rest?"


Yayoi forced a weak smile and said, "I'm fine."


“But...” Rosiley wanted to say something. But Yayoi shook her head.


“Alright. If there's anything, you have to tell me." Rosiley told her.




Rosiley said a few words before returning to her seat.


Feeling aggrieved and resentful for Yayoi, she contacted Juliet Elton and they agreed to go to the hospital to see Candance Young in the afternoon.


The matter of Yayoi's parents had not been resolved. So, they didn't want to cause too much trouble with Candance Young. But the bitch stirred up trouble this time, how could they miss such a good opportunity?




Suddenly, a shrill scream sounded. Rosiley looked over in a hurry and saw Lonny standing at Yayoi's table in disbelief.


Then, Lonny's shrill voice sounded again.


"Yayoi, you're wearing the same clothes as yesterday! Did you fool around with a man yesterday and didn't have time to change your clothes?"


As Lonny said this, she consciously glanced at Rosiley, who was sitting not far away.


With Rosiley's personality, when she saw her good friend being bullied, Rosiley would stand up for her.


“Lonny, didn't you brush your teeth this morning? Why is your mouth so smelly?"


Yayoi was not someone to be bullied, so she immediately scoffed without hesitation.


"You..." Lonny was so angry that she was about to retort. A cold light flashed through her eyes as she glanced at the figure approaching.


"Birds of a feather flock together. Who you are decides who your friends are." Lonny deliberately raised her voice. Her every single word was aimed at the person who was walking over.


"Ms. Luu is right."


Rosiley walked to Lonny and smiled. "I think these people who usually surround Ms. Luu are the same as Ms. Luu. You guys all have exaggerated Opinions of your abilities. You all are obsessed with the wild ideas and try to play up to powerful people and marry into a wealthy family."


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