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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 151

Along with Candance's screams and struggles, Rosiley removed the gauze wrapped around her forehead, making the wound visible.


It sure was a small wound.


"“Candance, do you think the police will do everything you tell them to do?" Rosiley threw the gauze on Candance. "Or do you think you are rich enough to buy Yayoi into prison?"


Candance realized they had seen through her ruse, so she stopped pretending. "So what? Yayoi is nothing more than an ant to me. I can easily kill her easily."


Candance said arrogantly. Juliet was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to slap her. Rosiley stopped her. “Juliet, don't do that."


"But..." Juliet was furious.


Rosiley smiled softly, "Do you bite back if a dog bites you?"


“Rosiley, are you saying I'm a dog?"


Only then did Juliet understand. She dissed, "If you admit it.”


Then she grimaced at Candance. Candance trembled with anger, widened her eyes and stared at Juliet.


"Candance, I know Yayoi's parents were set up by you. You just did everything you were capable of to get Vito."


Rosiley chuckled and narrowed her eyes. Something cold moved in her eyes. "Now you wouldn't leave Yayoi alone. You made a terrible mistake taking Yayoi as a pushover."


"If you dare to hurt Yayoi, I will make your life miserable,” Juliet added.


Yayoi looked at her friends who stood up for her. She was touched and her tears started from one's eyes.


She desperately fought back the tears. Rosiley told her not to cry in front of those scums, so she couldn't cry.


Taking a deep breath, Yayoi took out a USB drive from her bag. “Candance, my parents were framed. I have found evidence. As long as I give this USB drive to the police, they will be released.”


A hint of panic flashed through Candance's eyes, but she managed to cover it up. She sneered, "You are so naive that you think you can save your parents with this USB drive.”


"Well, the police have the final say."


Yayoi slowly approached her, her eyes firm and cold. "Candance, don't think what you and Vito did would remain unknown."


"What do you know?" Candance glared at her. Seeing Yayoi so confident, she was scared.


Yayoi smiled slightly, "It's none of your business. Candance, the turnabout is fair play. The prison is waiting for you two."


Then she turned around and said to Rosiley and Juliet, "Let's go.”


"Is that all?" Juliet didn't seem to be very satisfied with it. She thought this was too good for that bitch.


"Juliet, sometimes the mental torture is more painful than the physical one.”


Rosiley glanced at Candance, who was obviously becoming uneasy. A significant smile formed on her lips.


"But they haven't done anything."


Juliet pointed at Payton and Maddox. She thought she would need their help. But they just stood there and watched this show.


"Why would they come in vain?"


Rosiley pushed Yayoi to Maddox. "Maddox, I'll leave her to you."


"Rosiley, I..."


Maddox wanted to refuse, but he saw her look, so he had to say. "Don't worry, I will send her home safe and sound."


"Good." Rosiley gave a satisfied smile.


Why did he feel Rosiley had treated him like a child? Maddox resignedly raised his eyebrows and swept his gaze over Yayoi.


The moment their gazes met, they froze for a moment, and then they looked away.



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