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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 153

Because she knew who she was and she was also dissatisfied with Rorey, the receptionist let Rosiley in.


After catching up with Bradley, Rosiley learned that some of the old employees who had worked with her father had been fired one after another.


Bradley said this company would be ruined in Rorey's hands.


Rosiley went straight to the floor where the chairman's office was located. It was still the same as she remembered, except for those employees who would kindly welcome her.


"Yunis, I don't know anything about running a company. When I take this company over, I'll give it to you. How do you like it?"


The door opened a crack, making it easy for Rosiley to hear the sound from inside.


"Oh, this is your father's company. I can't do that.”


Hearing Yunis’ simulated refusal, Rosiley cursed in her heart, "Hypocrite."


"Yunis, there's nothing wrong with this. When we get married, we will share everything. There's no need to be so clear about the boundary."


What was wrong with Rorey? She was going to hand over a company to please a man!


"But..." Yunis still pretended to refuse, but he was interrupted by Rorey. "Alright, it's a deal. I believe this company will be better in your hands than it is now."


“Alright then." Yunis resignedly agreed.


Two scumbags!


A cold light suddenly appeared in Rosiley’s eyes. Then, she pushed the door open.


They immediately parted out of fright. After seeing who came in, Rorey quickly calmed down and asked sternly, "Rosiley, what are you doing here?"


When Yunis saw Rosiley, his eyes lit up. He hadn't seen her in days. Rosiley had become even more beautiful.


She wore a long dress, which showed off her fabulous figure. Her long hair was braided into a fishtail and placed on her shoulder. She looked charming and elegant.


When Rorey saw him staring straight at Rosiley, she felt annoyed. Her gaze to Rosiley became even more sinister.


Rosiley looked at the office as she slowly walked in. She stopped at the grand desk and gently stroked the smooth and round edge of the desk. Her gaze fell on the chair, and a sheer sneer invaded her eyes.


"I'm here to see if there's anyone sitting on my father's chair."


She turned to look at them, and her red lips curled up. "After all, so many people are coveting that position."


Rorey narrowed her eyes. "Rosiley, do you want this position, too?"


Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "Of course. Besides, it will be mine in the future.”


Rorey laughed out loud and looked at her with a sneer. "Do you really think you can get that?"


"With no doubt." Rosiley's smile was brighter, but her eyes got colder. She said word by word, "Some people think they can do whatever they want and nobody will know. Well, it can't last forever."


It was a warning to Rorey. But she had already firmly grasped the company in her hands.


She would be the new chairperson on the next board meeting.


Picturing how crazy Rosiley would be when she became the new chairperson pleased Rorey.


“Let's wait and see.” Rorey smiled and provoked with pride.


Rosiley's smile instantly disappeared. She glared coldly at her and Yunis. She wished she could go up and slap her smug face.


However, her rationality told her she couldnt. She had to calm down. She could only protect this company by rational analysis.


Taking a deep breath, Rosiley reached out and picked up the photo on the desk.


The family in the photo looked very happy.


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