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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 156

Ever since they found out about each other's identities, Maddox had often asked Rosiley to come to the CEO's office to him for various reasons.


It was fine to do it once or twice. As it became more frequent, the people in the company began to spread rumors about the two of them.


Some people said that Rosiley was Maddox's lover.


Some people said that Maddox had spent a lot of money to buy TEG for Rosiley.


Some people even imagined a grudge drama between rich and powerful families.


They said Rosiley was Maddox's first lover, and the two of them loved each other but couldn't get the approval of the Shen family.


When Yayoi told Rosiley about this, the latter's eyes twitched and said with disdain, "Such a boring plot is not interesting even in a novel.’


"Why didn't they say that I was actually Maddox's distant aunt or something like that? Indecent love is more exciting."


Only she could entertain herself amid all these slanderous rumors.


Actually, it wasn't Rosiley who was entertaining herself. She just felt that she didn't need to care about this kind of nonsense. If she cared, it might be even more outrageous.


Aclean hand needed no washing.


So she worked and rested as usual, completely unaffected by the rumors.


But someone couldn't hold on any longer.


"Oh, isn't this the wife of our future CEO?"


Rosiley walked into the tea room with the cup in her hand, and a sour voice sounded in her ears.


According to the sound, it was Lonny, her enemy.


She raised her eyebrows. For someone like Lonny, the more you pay attention to her, the more aggressive she would become.


So, she chose to ignore her.


She went straight to the water dispenser to get water.


She didn't want to talk to her, but Lonny refused to let her go.


"Rosiley, didn't you hear me talking to you? Are you deaf?"


Rosiley rolled her eyes and turned to look at Lonny. She smiled slightly, "Deputy Manager Luu, were you just talking? I thought it was a dog barking."


Lonny's expression instantly darkened. Then, she strode towards Rosiley and glared coldly at her, "Rosiley, do you really think that President Shen has taken a fancy to you? How ridiculous! You're just a toy for him."


"A toy?" Rosiley chuckled softly, and then waved her long hair, "It's a pity that someone doesn't even have a chance to be a toy.”


Lonny was so angry that she widened her eyes. A strong hatred burst out from her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, "Rosiley, don't be too complacent. Otherwise I will make sure you die a miserable death.”


"I'll wait.” Rosiley smiled at her and turned around to leave.


She did not notice the sinister look in Lonny's eyes. Suddenly, her long hair was pulled from behind and she cried out in alarm. She staggered backwards and poured all the water in the cup in her hand onto her chest.


In summer, she only wore a thin dress, and the water was very hot.


The skin on her chest was burning so much that it hurt. Her eyebrows knitted together. Rosiley resisted the pain and turned to stare angrily at the trouble-maker—




"Sorry, I accidentally grabbed your hair."


Lonny apologized hypocritically, her eyes full of pride.


Suddenly there came a crisp sound.


She slapped Lonny's complacent face. Lonny covered her painful cheeks.


Just as she was about to curse Rosiley, she was afraid when she saw Rosiley's ice-cold eyes. She swallowed her words.


“Lonny, do you want me to die an unsightly death?" Rosiley approached her with a gloomy and terrifying expression.


Lonny revealed a frightened expression as she involuntarily retreated, "What are you doing?” His voice trembled with fear.


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