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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 161

"Bullied?" Hearing that her good friend had been bullied, Juliet was excited. Her voice raised as she spoke.


"That's right. It was Lonny. She purposely pulled Rosiley's hair and got Rosiley permed by hot water."


"Rosiley, how are you now?"


Hearing that she was hurt, Juliet was worried and hurried to ask.


Rosiley gently replied, "Nothing serious. It's just a slight scald.”


Juliet heaved a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, it's only a slight scald. However..." Juliet gritted and her eyes were filled with coldness. "I definitely won't let that bitch Lonny go."


"What do you want to do to her? She is now the assistant to the general manager,’ Yayoi said coldly.


“Assistant to the general manager?” Rosiley, who didn't go to work at the company, didn't know about that. Thus, when Rosiley heard this, she was somewhat stunned.


"That's right, assistant to the general manager. It's said that Melissa directly transferred Lonny to her side."


"Looks like Melissa and Lonny want to work together to bully Rosiley." Juliet frowned.


"Lonny is Rorey's friend. It is natural for Melissa to help her.’


To be honest, Rosiley wasn't surprised.


"Rosiley, Lonny might do more terrible things to you. You need to be careful.” Yayoi looked at Rosiley with worry.


"I know." Facing her friend's worries, Rosiley smiled and comforted them, "Don't worry. Iam not afraid even of Melissa, not to mention Lonny.’


Juliet smiled and said, "That's right. The Rosiley Iknow is not afraid of evil people. Besides, President Sachin is also there to protect you. There's no need to be afraid of Melissa. It’s not a big deal to deal with ten people like Melissa."


Rosiley and Yayoi were amused by Juliet.


"So ... forgot about those sick people. I will take you to eat delicious food."


As Juliet spoke, the traffic light turned green. She immediately stepped on the accelerator. The black jeep rushed out, merged into the tide of cars, and headed towards the destination.


The university district of Benin City was the place where they had stayed for four years. They shared many beautiful memories there.




It didn't seem to be a proper day to recall good memories.


The moment she saw Yunis and Hazel in the restaurant, a sentence came into Rosiley's mind.


Enemies were bound to meet in this small world!


"What a misfortune! Ishouldn't have come out today.” Juliet blamed her misfortune directly as usual.


Yayoi reacted quickly. She picked up her phone and took several photos.


"Igot the headline for this month." Yayoi flipped through the photos happily.


Suddenly, a hand reached out and took away her phone.


Before Yayoi could react, she saw his fingers quickly moved on the screen.


"Hey, what are you doing?" Yayoi rushed over and wanted to snatch her phone back.


The man moved away so that Yayoi failed. She was about to fall on the ground.



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