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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 183

When Rosiley calmed down, Sachin helped her to the sofa and sat down.


Rosiley couldn't stop sobbing. She looked up and saw Sachin's pitch-black pupils. She lowered her eyes, and her eyelids trembled slightly.


"Don't look at me. I look ugly now." Her voice was hoarse from crying too long.


“Yes, indeed,” Sachin smiled and said.


"Really?" Rosiley was surprised. She raised her head and saw his smile. Only then did she realize that he was just joking.


“No, you are not ugly at all. In my eyes, you are the prettiest.”


His voice was gentle like a warm spring breeze, touching her heart.


"I won't forgive you for calling me ugly even if you say something nice!" Rosiley raised her chin slightly, trying to conceal her smile.


Seeing her arrogant expression, Sachin chuckled. He hugged her more tightly and didn't say anything else.


Rosiley quietly leaned on his chest, listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, and she felt unprecedentedly calm.


After a long time, she slowly said, "I didn't push Rorey."


“Yes, I know."


His low voice was in a tone of absolute trust.


"If I knew that she would be so ruthless to use her child to frame me, I would definitely give her the camera!" She cried again.


Sachin gently stroked her hair and said softly, “Even if you give her the camera, she will still come up with another way to frame you.’


Sachin let go of her and held her shoulder with both hands. He lowered his head to look at her and said word by word, "She was going to give up that child anyway, so it wasn't your fault."


Hearing this, Rosiley's eyes couldn't help get touched. It turned out that he understood why she was crying so sadly.


In M City, the moment Rorey fell backwards, there was only one thought in her mind. She couldn't let the baby get hurt, so she reached out to grab her.


When she saw the blood under Rorey's body, she was stunned and panicked. She seemed to be picturing a baby vanishing from this world.


That scene was deeply embedded in her mind. The moment she closed her eyes, it was as if she saw that blood again.


On the flight from M City to Benin, although she was very tired, she did not dare to close her eyes. She was afraid that if she closed her eyes, she would emotionally break down and the guilt in her heart would drown her.


She didn't relax until the moment she saw him. She cried like a helpless child, allowing her emotions to be vented.


Payton thought that she was frightened, so he comforted her along the way, but he did not understand her true feelings.


Only Sachin understood her.


Seeing her shed tears again, Sachin raised his hand and gently wiped away the tears on her face. He asked with concern, "Why are you crying again?"


His distressed eyes made her cry even more fiercely.


But shortly afterwards, she suddenly smiled.


“Sachin, thank you.”


“Thank you for accompanying, so that I can be so confident to calmly face all those things.


"My little fool." He smiled faintly, his black eyes filled with affection and love.


Rosiley sniffed, wiped away her tears with her hand, took a deep breath, and then asked, "Is the news already out online?"


Sachin nodded, "Not long after Payton contacted me."


Such a quick movement meant that Rorey had already arranged everything.


"I didn't expect that I would be famous again!" Rosiley smiled self-deprecatingly, saying, "If the child is gone, I might have to bear the blame for the rest of my life.”



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