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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 195

When Yunis brought Rorey home, his parents were still awake. When they saw the sloppy woman beside their son, they were shocked.


Quinta covered her nose and complained about her son in disgust, "Yunis, why did you bring such a woman in rags home? Our house is not a shelter."


Apparently, she didn't recognize Rorey.


“Quinta, I'm Rorey."


Seeing that Quinta did not recognize her, Rorey hurriedly said.




Quinta and Louie looked at each other and then looked at their son asking for confirmation.


"Yes, she is Rorey."


Yunis nodded.


"Heavens!" Quinta cried out in disbelief.


Why did a beautiful woman become worse than a beggar?


“What exactly happened?" Louie asked sternly.


"Louie, it's all because of Rosiley. You have to do me justice.”


When she mentioned "Rosiley,’ Rorey gnashed her teeth in hatred. Her miserable face was twisted ferociously with hatred.


Louie and Quinta were shocked and quickly took a few steps back.


Seeing this, Yunis frowned and said, "Mom, Dad. I'll bring Rorey upstairs to get washed up. We'll talk about it later."


"Go, hurry up,’ Louie said and waved his hand, hoping that they would leave quickly. The smell filled him with disgust.


Quinta quickly retreated to the side, afraid that if Rorey walked past her, she would be tainted with that unpleasant smell.


After they left, Quinta frowned in disgust and sneered in a disdainful tone, "Louie, such a woman is not good enough for our Yunis."


Louie patted her shoulder and comforted her, "Alright. When we get the Tang Group, Yunis can marry any woman who is good enough.”


Quinta snorted heavily and said with a more disdainful tone, "Were it not for the Tang Group, I wouldn't let her in just now. What a bad luck!"


At this point, she sniffed her body and frowned, "It stinks. I need to take a shower and change my clothes."


“Go, go." Louie waved at her impatiently.




Juliet sat up from the bed and said, “Didn't I tell you that no one could bail Rorey out?"


"Miss Elton, the chief asked me to release her,’ the man on the other side of the phone said with hesitation.


“Damn it!" Juliet angrily threw her phone on the quilt. She immediately went downstairs in her pajamas and slippers.


She found her father in the dining room and walked over to sit beside him.


"What's the matter?” Ebenezer Elton looked away from the newspaper and glanced at her. Seeing her angry face, he couldn't help but laugh, "Who angered my baby girl?"


“Your good subordinate,’ Juliet snorted angrily.


"I have so many subordinates. Which one are you talking about?"


"It's the police chief."


"Oh." Ebenezer suddenly nodded and asked, "What did he do?"


"He..." Juliet was about to say what the police chief had done, but under her father's kind gaze, she held back and said embarrassedly, "He's fine.”


However, Ebenezer knew his daughter well and knew what she was thinking.


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