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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 196

It was autumn. Despite of the hot weather, the breeze was cool.


Leaning against the bed, Rosiley was reading the book in her hand.


Yayoi specially borrowed this book for Rosiley, saying that it was an especially popular online book, which was worth reading.


It was a romance novel about a tyrannical CEO falling in love with a Cinderella.


Despite of the old-fashioned plot, after the author's description, it appeared to be extraordinary.


Rosiley couldn't help but get fascinated by it.


Sunlight shone through the transparent glass, and the room was bright.


The naughty wind slipped in through the window and gently lifted the curtains.


Rosiley lying on the bed was reading the book with a faint smile, looking so tender.




Sachin walked into the ward. On seeing this scene, he thought Rosiley was quiet and charming.


He slowly walked closer with a faint smile on his face.




She laughed, and her elegant eyebrows became even more attractive.


With love in his eyes, he walked to her and remained silent.


Perhaps Rosiley noticed that there was someone beside her. She tilted her head, greeted by exquisite buttons. She then slowly looked up and saw his handsome jaw, thin lips, nose, and finally a pair of black eyes that were full of soft light.


With a big smile, she said in a light tone, “Sachin, you're here."


He nodded. "Well, I was afraid that you would be bored. So, I come over to keep you company. Bult..."


"It looks like you're quite happy and pleased with yourself," he said as he swept across the book in her hand.


Hearing this, Rosiley looked down at the book. Then she explained with a smile, "Yayoi was afraid that I would be bored, so she lent it to me."


"It's pretty interesting.” She closed the book and put it on the bedside table.


Sachin glanced at the title of the book on the cover and raised his eyebrows slightly.


"The President's Runaway Wife”


Sachin had nothing to say about such a title.


"Sachin, you are here now, but what about your work?"


Rosiley looked at her watch. It was only around three in the afternoon. Shouldn't he be at the company now?


"An investor came to Benin, so I had lunch with him’


"You haven't finished until now, have you?" Rosiley asked tentatively.


Sachin just smiled without answering directly, which meant a tacit acknowledgement.


"Why did it take so long?” She muttered softly, and then asked, "Have you drunk?"


"I drank a little.” He answered truthfully.


Pursing her lips, Rosiley moved her butt to spare half the space in the bed. She then patted on the bed and said, "Lie down and rest."


Sachin looked at her with affection and put on a meaningful smile. "Honey, are you inviting me?"


Rosiley was surprised. A moment later, she figured out what he meant. She was just being kind, but he....


He misinterpreted her.


A trace of anger surged through her. She said angrily, "If I invite you, do you dare to do anything? Don't forget...”


Before she could finish, her view was blocked, and her lips were pressed against by his gentle ones.


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