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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 202

On this day, Rosiley returned to the ward after an examination. When she saw the person sitting on the sofa, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she asked in surprise, "Lina, why are you here?"


That's right, that person was Lina.


Lina stood up and smiled, "I'm here to visit you.”


"Thank you." Rosiley replied with a smile.


Then, she turned her head to the person supporting her and said, "Lane, you may leave."


Originally, Sachin was supposed to accompany her for the examination, but there was an emergency in the company, so he asked Lane to do this.


Luckily, Sachin wasn't here, otherwise, they would have been caught by Lina.


Although Lina was not a gossip, it was inappropriate for her to know it.


Lane nodded and left without saying a word.


"Rosiley, who is he?" Lina felt as if she had seen that man somewhere.


"My cousin.” Rosiley casually said. She swept her gaze over the lilies on the coffee table and immediately changed the topic. She exclaimed, "Lina, you bought the flowers?"


"Yeah, I bought them.” Lina leaned over and picked up the bouquet. "I thought I should buy you something since I wanted to come over, then I realized that you seemed to like lilies, so...”


She shrugged and handed it to her, "Here you are."


"Thank you." Rosiley took it and raised her hand to touch the petals. She smiled and said, "Thank you. I really like lilies.”


As she spoke, she carried the flowers to the bed and placed them on the bedside table.


Then she sat down on the bed and looked up at Lina, "How can you be free?”


At this time, she should be at work.


Lina walked over and said, "I went to meet a client and I dropped by."


"Have a seat.” Rosiley pointed at the chair beside her and said with a smile.


Lina smiled and walked over to sit down.


The two fell into silence. After a while, Lina took the lead in breaking the silence. "How are you doing?"


Rosiley smiled faintly. “I just had a check-up. The doctor said that I'm recovering very well. I'll probably be discharged in two or three days.”


"That's great.” Lina was happy for her.


"When you're not here, Yayoi and I are too busy to breathe.’


Hearing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Is it that crazy?"


"Yeah." Lina nodded and looked at her seriously. "You are very important to our department."


You are very important to our department.


Such a sentence of praise wet Rosiley's eyes. Wasn't it the happiest thing to be recognized by others? She had been in the company for several years, and she had been a workaholic, reporting every piece of news for the sake of her performance.


Now that she had obtained this achievement, apart from her own efforts, what was more important was that she had a good boss.


She sniffed and smiled sincerely. "Thank you for your recognition, Lena."


Lina smiled, "You don't have to thank me. You should thank yourself. It was your own hard work and intelligence that brought you the achievements.’


The two looked at each other and smiled, as if they had known each other for many years.


Lina chatted with her for a long time before leaving.


From Lina, she learned that Lonny had been expelled. She was expelled the day after Payton took office.


Since Melissa, Rorey, and Lonny had all left TEG, then she would no longer have any opponents in TEG. Thinking about the days in the future, it would be boring.


But there were some things that hadn't come to an end yet.


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