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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 216

Rosiley was surprised by Xenia's compromise, but then she put on a mocking smile.


"I don't need your permission to send my father to the United States. Please don't be a big head.”


"Rosiley, how can you..."


"Please go out. I want to stay with my father alone." Rosiley interrupted Xenia mercilessly.


After saying that, she turned around and didn't look at Xenia anymore.


Xenia was not going to stay for long. She glared at Rosiley fiercely with hatred before leaving in a hurry.


She had to go back and tell Rorey that Seneca was going to be sent to the United States. They had to be prepared for what would happen next.


After Xenia left, Rosiley held her father's warm hand and whispered, "Dad, I will let those who hurt you get punished. I will protect the Tang Group well. When you are better, I will return the Tang Group to you."


Looking at her father's pale face and closed eyes, she couldn't help but feel sad. Rosiley lowered her head and murmured, "Dad, you must get better."


The ward quieted down, except for the monitor working. Rosiley sat quietly beside the bed, holding her father's hand tightly. Behind her, the wind blew in mischievously and the curtains danced in the wind happily.


A person could be forgiven for making a mistake for the first time.


What about the second time?


Yayoi fell asleep and the alarm clock rang. She grabbed the quilt and covered her head, trying to insulate herself from the annoying sound of alarm clock.


But she could still hear the sound and the alarm clock kept ringing.


She could only give up and get up to turn off the alarm clock.


Suddenly, she felt a chill in her chest. She looked down and was surprised.


Immediately after, she looked around and saw the mess on the ground. Her clothes and her underwear were scattered all over the ground, and there were also... men’s clothes.


A horrible feeling hit her and she was dumbfounded. She turned around mechanically and slowly and saw a handsome and familiar face.


She was stunned to see Maddox.


It was him again!


She stared at him blankly, and recalled what happened last night.


After leaving Rosiley's house, she went home. But as soon as she got home, she received a phone call from Maddox. However, the one who was speaking with her claimed to be a bartender in a certain bar. Yayoi was told that a customer was drunk in their bar and she was asked to pick him up.


"Sorry, you dialed the wrong number." Yayoi hung up the phone.


Before her phone could be put down, it rang again. It was Maddox calling again.


She answered the phone and said, “I said I don't know him. Don't call me again.”

"Yayoi..." A familiar low voice came from the other end of the phone. Yayoi tightened her hold on the phone instantly, and she bit her lips without saying a word.


“Yayoi, why are you... treating me like a stranger? I really... really like you."


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