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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 227

After lunchtime, there were fewer people in the company cafeteria, with only a few people sitting at tables.


Rosiley and the others sat at a table in the corner. As long as they did not deliberately look this way, no one would notice that Mr. Payton was also eating here.


Therefore, no one would bother them.


"Rosiley, what do you plan to do now?" Yayoi asked with concern.


The shareholders’ meeting this time was very important to Rosiley. Everyone was worried about her.


"I've already asked Payton to help me find someone to keep an eye on Rogelio. At that time, I will naturally have a way to deal with it.”


Unlike others, Rosiley looked calm and confident.


"What way?" Juliet asked curiously.


Rosiley smiled and said, "You will know soon."


Juliet was disappointed, saying, “I'm too curious."


Yayoi couldn't help but laugh and said, "Take it easy. The shareholders’ meeting is in only 3 days."


It was coming soon.


Although Rosiley was confident, Yayoi was still very worried.


"Rosiley, can you really solve this? If you can't, you can ask Mr. Payton to help you."


With Mr. Payton's ability, this small problem should be easily resolved.


"No need,’ Rosiley smiled and shook her head, saying, "I can handle it, so I don't want to cause him any trouble. And he has already done a lot for me."


He bought a lot of her shares.


Knowing her stubbornness, Yayoi did not say anything else.


In the Ji's villa


"Rorey, when you get the Tang Group, I will choose an auspicious day for you and Yunis to get married. Then you give birth to a grandson for your father and me.”


Quinta's attitude towards Rorey had truly changed completely. She became so enthusiastic now.


Of course, Rorey knew why she had changed. It was because of the Tang Group that she was about to own.


But Rorey still enjoyed her change.


"OK, pick a date. The Tang Group will definitely be mine anyway.’


Rorey smiled gently at Quinta.


The smile on Quinta's face froze for an instant, but she quickly recovered, and her smile became even brighter. "Is that so? That's wonderful!” she said.


"Thank you, Quinta.” Rorey was very polite, but it was still difficult for her to conceal her complacency.


She really thought that she could marry to Yunis. No way!


Even though she was very disdainful of Rorey, Quinta still smiled brightly, saying, "Not at all. This is what I should do."


Rorey smiled and didn't say anything. She glanced at this villa and then looked at Quinta, who was smiling. An idea popped up in her mind.


After getting married, she would ask Yunis to buy a new house. She didn't want to live with this hypocritical woman.


In the meanwhile, Quinta looked at Rorey with disdain in her eyes. When they got the Tang Group, she would ask Yunis to drive Rorey away. It would be disgraceful if such a woman became her daughter-in-law.


The two women sitting on the sofa had different thoughts, and neither of them knew that the other was scheming against her.


The breeze was gentle, the curtains were floating, and the faint yellow light illuminated the large study room. A slender woman sat on the wide leather chair, looking especially delicate.



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