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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 241

A blind date?!


Juliet was shocked and she looked up at Payton in disbelief.


So was he on a blind date?


Sienna shouted, "Payton... you're a bastard!"


Sienna was angered and ran away.


A farce finally came to an end.


Payton raised his eyebrows slightly and let go of Juliet. He turned to her and said, "Thank you. If you didn't appear suddenly, I would still be worried about how to get rid of Sienna.’


Juliet slowly regained her senses and raised her eyebrows, “Are you using me?"


"No, I'm not using you. We are friends, so we help each other."


As Payton said that, he hugged her shoulder and said, "Come on, in order to express my gratitude, I'll treat you to a feast.”


He had no idea that danger was creeping up on him.


Friends? Help?


Had he asked her if she wanted to help?


No, he didn't! So he was using her!


Juliet's eyes darkened. She clenched her hands tightly and suddenly punched on Payton's nose.


"Holy shit!" Payton was caught off guard and couldn't help but curse.


"Juliet! Are you mad?"


Payton rubbed his painful nose and shouted at her.


Was she a violent woman? Wasn't she afraid that no one would want her because she was violent?


Juliet glared at him coldly, "Payton, you asked me out to help you destroy the blind date, right?"


Under her fierce gaze, Payton looked away guiltily. He knew that he was in the wrong, so he didn't dare to be angry at her punching on him.


She wondered why he asked her out so nicely. It turned out that he wanted to use her.


She felt her heart was cold as if she was in an ice cellar.


She knew that she was disappointed in him.


Juliet took a deep breath and said, "Payton, even if we are friends, you should inform me beforehand if you want me to help you. Otherwise, otherwise..."


"Otherwise what?" Payton was puzzled.


Otherwise, she would misunderstand.


Juliet stared at him and her eyes filled with complex emotions. Then, she looked away and replied indifferently, "Nothing. Suit yourself."


With that, she turned around and walked out. Payton was confused and wondered if she was angry or not.


Payton thought something was wrong. He didn't believe that Juliet would let it go so easily because she was narrow-minded.


However, Payton did not know that Juliet was too powerless to argue with him.


When Juliet knew the truth, she felt powerless because of disappointment.


Therefore, she only wanted to escape from here quickly, otherwise she was afraid that he would find her crying.


Yunis brought Rorey back to the Ji’s villa. As soon as he entered the villa, he saw a pile of messy things at the entrance.


Yunis frowned and was about to ask the butler what was going on.


Rorey exclaimed, "These are my things! Why are they here?"



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