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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 244

After eating for more than two hours, it was already ten oclock in the night when they came out of the hotel.


The autumn night was cold.


A gust of wind blew over and Rosiley shivered with the cold.


Suddenly, a warm coat was put on her shoulders. Sachin said in a husky voice, "Put it on. Dont catch a cold.”


Rosiley looked up and smiled at him before putting on the coat.


Well, she felt warmer this way.


"Mr. Sachin, I don't know you're so considerate.”


Juliet said in a teasing voice on the side. Rosiley turned to look at Juliet, and a trace of cunning flashed in her eyes. "Juliet, are you cold too? I ask Payton to take off his coat for you to wear.’


The smile on Juliet's face instantly froze. Juliet just teased Sachin, and Rosiley was eager to defend her husband and taunt Juliet by mentioning Payton.


Yayoi covered her mouth and snickered. Her clear eyes shone brightly and looked extremely beautiful.


Maddox was a little attracted and wanted to go up and touch her face.


"Sachin and I will go straight home, and we won't send you home."


Rosiley's voice suddenly sounded again, driving Maddox's rationality back.


When he regained his senses, he noticed that he had raised his hand. A bitter smile appeared on his lips as he lowered his hand in embarrassment.


When they came to the hotel, Yayoi and Juliet were in Sachin's car, while Maddox and Payton were driving their own cars.


Juliet was still angry with Payton. Yayoi and Maddox were having problems.




Rosiley pondered for a moment before making a suitable arrangement. She said, "Listen, Payton will send Yayoi home, and 

Maddox will send Juliet home. It's such a happy decision."


Payton looked at the others and shrugged, "I'm OK!"


He knew why Rosiley made the arrangement, but he wanted to say that he was OK to send Juliet home.


However, Juliet was unwilling to be sent by Payton.


"I'll send Yayoi back!" Maddox walked over and grabbed Yayoi's hand. Before they could react, he pulled Yayoi and strode towards his Car.


"Maddox, what are you doing?" As Yayoi was being pulled away, she tried her best to break free from his hand, but he grabbed her so hard that she could not break free at all.


Rosiley and Juliet caught up with them.


Juliet grabbed Maddox's hand and asked sternly, "Maddox, what are you doing?"


"I'll send her home," Maddox replied indifferently.


"Maddox, let go!" Rosiley looked at him fiercely.


"Rosiley, I..."


Maddox wanted to say something. However, Rosiley interrupted him and said, "Maddox, stay away from Yayoi."


Payton walked over and felt the subtle atmosphere between them. He was puzzled and asked, "What's wrong with you guys? Why are you so serious?"


"Payton!" Sachin shouted softly and gave Payton a warning look to shut Payton up.


Payton shut up in embarrassment. He looked at them in confusion.


Maddox looked at Rosiley, who was showing displeasure. His thin lips were tightly pursed into a straight line, and he slowly released his grip on Yayoi's hand.


Yayoi took the opportunity to withdraw her hand from his.


Maddox's hand was empty and he felt upset.


He clenched his hands into fists. He looked up at Yayoi who was hiding behind Juliet with sad eyes.

Yayoi couldn't help but felt distressed. She looked away to avoid his gaze, and her fingers trembled slightly.



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