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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 252

Rosiley was learning how to arrange flowers from Sasha when the news of the Young Group corruption case was broadcasted on TV in the living room.


"Today, the case about seniors of the Young Group charged with embezzlement has been heard in public by the people's court....”


Hearing the sound from the TV, Rosiley immediately put down the scissors in her hand and quickly walked to the living room. She fixed her eyes on the TV.


Sachin looked up at her. "You were at the scene today. Why are you watching so carefully?"


“I've witnessed the proceedings.” Rosiley walked over and sat beside him. “But I didn't see the interview."


On TV, Candance said righteously to the reporters, "I believe that the law is fair and will give the Young Group a satisfactory result.”


"Bullshit!" Rosiley couldn't bear Candance's disgusting comments anymore. "How shameless and immoral she is!"


Looking at her resentful expression, Sachin chuckled softly and said, "She is ugly and shameless."


Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise and shook her head. "Sachin, you have a sharp tongue. But... I like it!”


Sachin pinched her nose dotingly. Then, he turned his gaze back to the TV. Looking at Candace and Vito, Sachin narrowed his eyes slightly. “Today's result may be something that Candance doesn't expect. As long as Yayoi's parents are not convicted, those who are truly corrupt will definitely be very uneasy. So, they will make new moves next.”


Rosiley nodded. "That's what Lawyer Crowe told us, so we need to find evidence to prove that Yayoi's parents are innocent as soon as possible."


"How does Mr. Song's friend react?”


"He avoids meeting Yayoi."


"Why?" Sachin frowned.


Rosiley shook her head. "I don't know. Yayoi said that she had only met him for once. He promised to help. However, when Yayoi contacted him, he either didn't answer or made an excuse that it was inconvenient for him, so..."


She shrugged. "You know."


“Has he been threatened?"


Sachin asked.


“Probably. People like Candance might do it."


Thus, Rosiley looked down on Candance completely.


With a gloomy face, Sachin said, "If I'm right, the Young Group might frame Yayoi's parents."


Hearing this, Rosiley got shocked. "You mean they...’


If they really ensnared the Songs, there would not be enough space for maneuvers.


Seeing Rosiley's worried look, Sachin comforted her with a smile. "I'm just guessing. Don't think too much.”


"But the speculation will definitely happen. I can't ignore it. I have to tell Yayoi to be prepared."


Rosiley meant what she said.


Watching her run upstairs, Sachin couldn't help but laugh.


He didn't look away until her figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs.


Other news was played on the TV, and Sachin turned it off after looking a look.


He pondered for a moment with a cold expression. Then he picked up the phone on the coffee table and dialed a number.


After getting through, he said, "Maddox....”


The next morning, Rosiley, who was still asleep, received a phone call from Yayoi.


“Rosiley, my parents pleaded guilty.”


Rosiley was suddenly wide awake.


She sat up from her bed and said, "Yayoi, what did you say? Say it again!"


"My parents pleaded guilty in prison last night."


"How could this be?” Rosiley scratched her hair irritably. Then, she remembered that Yayoi was alone to face something like this. Thus, Rosiley didn't ask any more questions. She hurriedly said, "Wait for me. I'll be right there." She then hung up.


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