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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 254

A burst of laughter rang out in the noisy canteen, catching everyone's attention.


Rosiley looked at her colleagues and smiled awkwardly. Then, she glared at the woman in front of her who was laughing loudly.


"Juliet, can you keep your voice down? I don't want to be mistaken that the person sitting opposite me is a lunatic!" Rosiley said angrily.


"Rosiley...." Juliet smiled so hard that she could no longer speak fluently. She quickly grabbed the drink on the table and took a sip. Then she stroked her chest to catch her breath before continuing, "To my surprise, there is still such a naive person in this world."


"Raye is not naive, but confident. He believes that he can persuade Sachin to give an interview."


Rosiley picked up food and put it in her mouth, chewing it slowly.


Undeniably, on hearing Raye's heroic utterance, Rosiley almost couldn't hold back her laughter and felt that Raye were too simple.


But she was afraid of dampening Raye's enthusiasm. After all, he had just stepped into this industry. Thus, Rosiley patted Raye on the shoulder and said earnestly, "Raye, it's good that you have such a goal. But you should do something that is within your scope."


After that, she was about to leave. But Raye came to her and stopped her. He said firmly, "Rosiley, believe me, I will definitely be able to interview Mr. Sachin and make our company famous all over the world.’


Rosiley didn't reply.


At that time, she was shocked by Raye's resolute expression, so words failed her for a moment. Later, she smiled to him, "Good luck.”


"Good luck?" Juliet looked at Rosiley amusedly, "Why did you encourage him? You know that it's impossible for Raye to make it."


Rosiley shrugged her shoulders. "He is like me when I first entered this industry. At that time, with enthusiasm and passion, I was eager to make big news."


"Indeed." Juliet nodded noncommittally. "At that time, you made every effort to collect news day and night. You looked thin and tired. Yayoi and I were so worried."


Rosiley smiled, "But ... hard work always pays off. Look, I've been promoted now."


Juliet rolled her eyes. "Come on. It takes you three years to get this position. The reward comes too slowly.’


"It's better than nothing."


Rosiley smiled. Then she pushed the plate to the side, pulled over the soup, and bent to slowly enjoy it.


"Where's Yayoi?" Juliet asked casually during the meal.


"Her parents pleaded guilty..."




Before Rosiley could finish, Juliet cried out in shock. It startled Rosiley so much that she almost dropped the spoon into the soup. Then Rosiley looked up coldly at Juliet who was excited. "Juliet, can you let me finish?"


Juliet returned embarrassedly, "Alright, you go ahead."


Rosiley took another sip of the soup, then put down the spoon and looked up at Juliet. "Yayoi’s parents suddenly admitted their guilt, so Yayoi won't come to the company for the next few days. She's busy with appealing against her parents’ charges."


"Why would the Songs suddenly admit their guilt?" Juliet frowned, and then her eyes widened. "Candance must be playing tricks!"


"Yes, it's her."


"Damn it. I will definitely not let go of her." Juliet gritted her teeth hatefully.


"How is Yayoi now?" Juliet asked.


"Not bad."


Juliet heaved a sigh of relief. "Then I'm relieved."


Juliet was afraid that Yayoi would not be able to withstand this sudden change and would do something stupid.


"Don't worry. Maddox keeps her company. She will be fine."


Juliet curled her lips. "It sounds like something bad will happen to Yayoi without Maddox's company. We will be with her.’


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