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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 258

Rosiley hung up the phone and ran upstairs. When she went downstairs again, she had already changed her clothes.


When Sasha saw this, she hurriedly asked, "Mrs. Lu, are you going out?"


"Yes, Sasha, you don't need to prepare dinner for us tonight. Sachin and I will eat outside.””


Rosiley said to Sasha as she changed her shoes.




Rosiley put her slippers in the shoe cabinet and waved to Sasha, saying, "Goodbye, Sasha.’


Sasha saw her anxious expression and muttered, "Is there something urgent?"




No, it was Juliet who was having a blind date. Unfortunately, she met a weird man and urgently needed her to save her.


In the Orchid Garden.


It was a very elegant name.


It was also a very high-end Chinese restaurant.


To be able to arrange a blind date in such a restaurant, that man should be good.


However, Juliet said on the phone that the man was too weird.


Rosiley was curious how weird this man was.


Of course, she couldn't be the only one to witness such a rare event.


Thus, she asked Payton to accompany her.


They met at the entrance of the Orchid Garden and walked in together.


The enthusiastic waiter immediately greeted them, "Hello, may I help you?"


"We're here to look for someone.” Rosiley looked around and said, "Miss Elton."


"She's in a private room upstairs.”


"Can you take us there?”


"This way, please."


The waiter led them upstairs to a private room and knocked on the door.


"What's up?" They heard a very impatient voice.


Rosiley was stunned.


So was Payton.


They knew this voice very well. It was Juliet's voice.


The waiter replied with a smile, "Miss Elton, you have friends looking for you."


When he finished speaking, the door opened.


Juliet rushed out and hugged Rosiley, saying, "Rosiley, you're finally here."


Rosiley smiled and pushed her away, saying, "You need my help, of course I will come."


"Thank you, dear.”


As she spoke, she was about to hug Rosiley again. Rosiley waved her hand and stopped her, saying, "It's enough.”

Juliet put down her hand embarrassedly. She noticed the tall man standing beside her, and a trace of light quickly flashed in her eyes.


"Payton, what are you doing here?" she asked.


"I'm being a looker-on." This answer was quite honest.


"Being a looker-on?" Juliet frowned unhappily, and her tone became a little cold. "Then you can leave now,’ she said.


Payton raised his eyebrows and turned to Rosiley, saying, "Rosiley, since she doesn't welcome me, I'll leave.”


He turned around and was about to leave.


Rosiley hurriedly pulled him back and said, “Don't go.’


Payton threw up his hands innocently and said, "Rosiley, someone asked me to leave."


As he spoke, he intentionally looked at Juliet.



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