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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 261

In the Tang's villa


Xenia brought a bowl of hot soup to a room on the second floor.


"Rorey, may I come in?" she said cautiously.


It was silent in the room. She frowned, then gently opened the door, and walked in.


There was no light on in the room, and it was dim.


Xenia subconsciously reached out to press the switch on the wall. At this moment, a cold voice sounded in the room.


"Don't turn on the lights!"


She quickly withdrew her hand and looked around in the dark room.


"Rorey, I made you a bowl of soup, can you drink it?"


"I said I wont drink."




Xenia took a step forward and wanted to say something more. Suddenly, something was thrown at her feet, causing her to scream in shock. The bowl in her hand fell onto the floor.


The bowl was broken, and the soup spilled.


"Get out!”


The merciless rebuke was filled with an icy chill.


Xenia couldn't help but burst into a rage. She turned around and turned on the light.


The dark room instantly lit up.


Xenia clearly saw the person in the bed. She walked over with a gloomy face and scolded, "Rorey, why are you doing this? So, you just ruin yourself because of Yunis? You know what, even if you killed yourself, Yunis still wouldn't even look at you."


Rorey's face was unkempt and lifeless, completely losing her previous high-spirited appearance.


Xenia's anger had mostly dissipated when she saw her like this. After all, she was her own daughter.


She sighed and sat on the bed. She held Rorey's hand in distress and said, "Rorey, if you continue to be like this, then what we did before will be in vain."


“Although your father isn't awake yet, Rosiley is already planning to send him to the United States for treatment. If he wakes up one day, then we won't be able to hide anything then.’


Hearing this, Rorey finally reacted. She raised her head and glared at her mother, with her eyes filled with surprise.


"Don't be surprised. I'm telling the truth. If you continue to be like this, Rosiley will become more and more complacent. In the end, you will have nothing."


As Rorey hearing this, her eyes grew gloomier and gloomier.


Xenia saw that she had listened to her seriously, so she patted her hand and stood up, saying, "Rorey, if you want to do something, do it. Not only will I help you, but there will also be others who will help you.”


After saying that, Xenia turned around to tidy up the soup bowls on the floor. At this time, Rorey said behind her, "Mom, I'm sorry to have made you worry.’


Hearing this, Xenia’s eyes instantly turned tearful. She turned around and said firmly to Rorey, "Don't worry. I will definitely help you retrieve the Tang Group, no matter what it may cost.”


Rorey didn't know if it was her own illusion, but she felt that her mother was different from the cowardly mother in the past. She became exceptionally firm.


"Mom, how do you want to help me?" This was something that Rorey was very curious about.

"I'll let your father..." As she said that, Xenia immediately realized something and quickly stopped. Then she said, "You'll know one day."


Then, she quickly turned around and squatted down to pick up the fragments.


On the bed behind her, Rorey stared at her thoughtfully.



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