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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 279

When Rosiley and Juliet came out of the bathroom, Diego immediately shouted to them, "Rosiley, Mrs. Lu, come here."

Mrs. Lu?!

Juliet frowned. Was him calling her?

Rosiley saw through her confusion and smiled teasingly. "That's right, the person Diego called is you. Not used to it?"


"You'll get used to it.” Rosiley pulled her towards those men.

Payton was slapping Diego's head in displeasure as he muttered, "I told you not to call her Mrs. Lu, yet you still did!"

Payton did not like Diego addressing Juliet as Mrs. Lu, which meant that he did not regard Juliet as his girlfriend in his heart.

While there was nothing wrong with this. After all, they were just fake lovers.

Rosiley looked at Juliet, who was obviously sad, and then raised her voice, "What? Payton, is it wrong for Diego to call Juliet that?"

Hearing this, Payton's hand that was slapping Diego's forehead froze. He turned to look at her, smiled and explained awkwardly, "Rosiley, I'm afraid Juliet will be embarrassed. After all, we are just lovers and we haven't married yet. It's not appropriate for Diego to say that."

"Oh?" Rosiley pulled Juliet, walked over and sat down. Then, she stared at Payton with a faint smile. "Payton, so you don't intend to marry Juliet?"

It wasn't just Payton, even the others could sense that when she asked this question, her tone carried sharpness, and even her eyes were cold as she looked at Payton.

Payton didn't know how to answer. He and Juliet were not lovers, but how could he say it out loud here? Wouldn't Juliet lose face if he did?

Right at the moment when he was at a loss, Juliet spoke up for him. "Alright, Rosiley, Payton was right. After all, we weren't married. It's improper to address me like that.”

Sure enough, she cared about Payton.

Rosiley took a meaningful look at her, but Juliet uneasily looked away.

"Diego, you may call her Mrs. Lu. Don't listen to Payton,” Rosiley said to Diego. Since she wanted to help Juliet, she should start with this.

Although it was just a title, it meant a lot.

"But..." Diego cautiously looked at Payton.

Payton had unspeakable bitterness. "I'll listen to Rosiley."

Anyway, it was just a title, it was nothing serious.

River and Allen did not understand why they cared about the title, but they did not ask any further. They just quietly watched.

As for Sachin, he watched quietly like them, but he was lost in thought.

Afterwards, the group of people had fun until 12 in the night before leaving the clubhouse and returning home.

On the way home, Sachin was driving attentively, and Rosiley was still in high spirits after the reunion. She opened her eyes wide and looked through the window at the streets.

It was late at night, and the shops were closed. There were only a few people in the street. The noise and liveliness had faded away, replaced by silence.

Sachin glanced sideways at her and then asked, "What happened to Payton and Juliet?"

Hearing his question, Rosiley turned to look at him and pondered for a moment before saying, "It's fake."

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly. This answer wasn't surprising.

Rosiley knew that he had guessed the true relationship between Payton and Juliet, so she continued, "Mr. Elton asked Juliet to go to a blind date, but Juliet didn't want to, so she came up with such an idea.”


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