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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 292

Juliet stood in the kitchen, her beautiful eyes staring blankly at the gas stove.

Payton asked her to make breakfast, but she didn't know how to start.

Born with a silver spoon, she had been living an easy and comfortable life. How could she know how to cook?

But if she didn't do it, he would definitely laugh at her.

She bit her lip angrily. It was just a breakfast. How difficult could it be?

So she went to her room and took her phone. She searched for breakfast recipes on the Internet and opened the refrigerator to see what could be used.

You couldn't expect much from a single man's refrigerator. There were nothing but several eggs and a few boxes of milk.

Juliet looked at the empty refrigerator gloomily.

She really wanted to slam it and leave.


Juliet sighed and finally accepted what she should do. She took out two boxes of milk and the last two eggs.

An egg pancake. At least it could fill your stomach.

It was easy to say, but hard to do.

"Damn it!" Juliet picked up the broken eggshell from the beaten eggs with chopsticks. The eggshell would fall in when she cracked the egg.

Was she clumsy or was the eggshell too naughty?

After getting the beaten eggs done, she walked to the gas stove and examined it carefully. She turned the switch to ignite.

She put the pan on the stove and poured some oil in it, following the instructions of the recipe in her phone. As the pan heated up with smoke, she put the beaten eggs in.

With a loud sound, the beaten eggs collided with the hot oil and gave off an appetizing smell.

A smile brightened Juliet's delicate face. She looked at the eggs in the pan and raised her eyebrows proudly. She didn't expect that her first cooking would be so successful.

Payton walked out of the guest room with his hair wet. He sniffed, and then hurried to the kitchen.

There was no one in the kitchen, but something was being fried on the gas stove.

He immediately stepped forward and turned off the stove. The food in the pan was already burnt, it was so dark that he could not tell what it was.

He felt amused. He knew it when he asked this young lady to make breakfast.

"Ah! My eggs are burnt." Juliet shouted and ran into the kitchen, only to see Payton in the kitchen.

She was shocked, "What are you doing here?"

Payton raised his eyebrows and moved over to the side, signaling her to take a look at the pan with his chin.

As Juliet saw it, her face fell. She cried out, "My eggs!"

She picked up the spatula and stirred the burnt eggs disappointedly, "I did fry them very well. Why was it burnt?"

Payton peeked at the black thing in the pan, patted her shoulder and said, "Actually, it's quite normal as it's your first cooking."

Juliet frowned. She felt that he was mocking her for never cooking before.

"Since it's all burnt, let's go out to eat.” Payton said as he walked out of the kitchen.

Juliet really wanted to fry another egg to prove that she was good as a beginner. But because she didn't have any ingredients, she could only let it go embarrassedly.

Anyway, there would be a chance to prove herself.

She went to her room to get her bag. When she stepped out, Payton also walked out of the guest room. They glanced at each other and then walked towards the entrance one after the other.

"What are we going to eat?"

Juliet asked while changing her shoes.


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