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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 293

Fake boyfriend.

The word was like a thorn piercing her heart. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

Juliet took a deep breath and slowed her tone, "Mr. Payton, I know you're just pretending to be my boyfriend, but I really need your help."

Looking at her pleading gaze, Payton softened. He pretended to ask carelessly, "Just to see your father?"

His question meant that he intended to help her.

Juliet immediately smiled and said, "Yes, just to meet my dad."

Payton thought for a moment, and then he pretended to be indifferent, "Alright, I'll do it. After all, we signed the contract."

Hearing that he agreed, Juliet heaved a sigh of relief. She smiled brightly and sincerely said, "Thank you."

Payton raised his eyebrows and looked over her up and down. A hint of interest appeared in his eyes. "Why are you so polite today?"

Hearing the teasing in his tone, Juliet snorted, "I'm just in a good mood today. Remember what you promised me.”

She turned around and left the office.

Payton watched her walk out and smiled unconsciously. In fact, she was cute when she was being nice to him.

During lunch, Juliet learned from Rosiley that the gossip about her and Payton had spread throughout the company.

"How did it end up like that? Come on, we just entered the company together.” Juliet felt funny and annoyed. People were so good at making up stories today.

Rosiley slowly ate a mouthful of food, then lifted her eyelids and looked at her, "Just entering the company together?”

"What else could happen?" Juliet glanced at her angrily. "We just met outside and came in together."

“Then why did you have the same breakfast in your hands?" Rosiley asked.

Juliet shrugged her shoulders and said, "Come on, there are pancake stalls everywhere. We just happened to buy the same ones.”

"Really?" Rosiley frowned, still not believing what she said.

Seeing that Rosiley didn't believe her, Juliet quickly changed the topic, "Alright, stop talking about this. Tell me about the charity party of your husband's company."

If Rosiley knew that she spent a night at Payton's, she would definitely scold her for not having the dignity as a girl.

However, Rosiley did not take her hint. Instead, she looked at Juliet inquiringly and her eyebrows slightly knitted, "It seemed that you are not dressed in your style today.”

Juliet was wearing a cream-colored knitted cardigan with a floral dress underneath. Such lady-like clothes were not her style at all.

"Why isn't it my style?" Juliet lowered her head and looked at her clothes. "Can't I try this occasionally?"

Actually, she found these in Payton's wardrobe. To be honest, they were especially eye-catching among the man's suits. She saw them at her first sight.

She was surprised to see women's clothes in his wardrobe. At the same time, she felt uncomfortable. He put the woman's clothes in his wardrobe, which meant their relationship was not simple.

This really made her unpleasant, so she put them on without asking. She didn't know if Payton had forgotten about these clothes or what.

Anyway, he didn't say anything when he saw her wearing them.

Rosiley carefully observed the expression on Juliet's pretty face. Seeing that she was deep in contemplation, she knew that it was not that



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