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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 295

"I'll go home first. Don't forget it.”

After work, Payton received a WeChat message from Juliet.

After staring at the words on the screen for a long time, Payton turned off the computer and stood up. He picked up his suit and put it on. Then, he grabbed the car keys on the table and walked out with steady steps.

He had been to the Elton Villa several times before, but always parked his car outside. This was the first time he drove his car to the courtyard.

Juliet, who was standing at the door, came up to him after he parked. While raising her hand to straighten out his tie, she lowered her voice and said, "We might have to show some intimacy later. Don't screw it up."

She was so close that he could smell her faint sweet scent.

He could clearly see her slightly trembling eyes, her high nose, and her small mouth opening and closing as she spoke.

Somehow he felt a little hot. He subconsciously raised his hand to loosen the tie, but accidentally touched her hand.

Juliet looked up at him, her beautiful eyes rippling with a resplendent halo, mixed with a trace of doubt.

He licked his dry lips and smiled awkwardly, "It's a little tight."

Juliet frowned, "Tight? I'll loosen it a bit."

She loosened the tie and then asked, "What about now? Is it still tight?"

Payton shook his head, "No."

At this moment, he caught a glimpse of someone walking out of the villa. Before he could tell who it was, he stretched and held her in his arms.

In an instant, all she could smell was his cold scent, which filled her entire nose. She was a little distracted.

She heard him ask in his deep voice, "Is that your father?”

Her father?

Juliet frowned slightly and looked along his lines of sight. As expected, her father had come out. He was looking at them by the door.

So that was why he suddenly hugged her.

Juliet was a little disappointed. Then she laughed at herself. What was she expecting of him?

"Yes, that's my dad. Let's go over now."

She retreated from his embrace and intimately held his arm. She tilted her head to smile at him, "Let's go."

When he saw the smile brightening her pretty face, he flipped. It was an indescribable feeling from deep in his heart.

He followed her steps, his deep gaze fastened on her.


It wasn't until he heard her crisp and elegant voice that he came to his sense. He blinked his eyes and shifted his gaze to the middle-aged man standing by the door.

Darkness fell early in autumn. With the light above his head, Payton met Mr. Elton's gaze calmly.

Although Mr. Elton was over fifty years old, he was in good shape. His was tall and straight, his face was elegant and indifferent, his mouth was tightly closed, and his eyes shone with a sharp and cold light.

But compared to his own father, Mr. Elton was much more amiable.

Payton smiled. "Nice to see meet you, Mr. Elton. I'm Payton Lu, Juliet's boyfriend."

Mr. Elton looked at him for a while. Then he glanced at Juliet and said in a low voice, "Come on in."

Mr. Elton turned around and walked into the villa.

Payton tilted his head and chuckled, "Your father doesn't seem to like me."

Juliet rolled her eyes at him and said, "This is the first time you meet him. How could you know that my dad doesn't like you? You read his mind?"

Payton raised his eyebrows and said seriously, "I'm not able to read his mind. But I'm a man too. It's easy for a man to tell whether another guy likes him or not. Obviously, he doesn't like me."


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