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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 296

The large living room fell into silence.


Maddox walked to Yayoi and sat down. They smiled at each other.


Then, Maddox looked at Rosiley and said, "Rosiley, you're right, but we won't break up.”


Wouldn't break up?


Rosiley frowned slightly. Actually, there was still something unsolved between them. It was not as simple as they thought. It was not up to them to decide whether to break up or not.


But when she saw Maddox's firm expression, she stifled her doubts and glanced at them indifferently, “Alright, I know that you are crazy about each other.’'


Yayoi smiled shyly and said, "Aren't we just talking about Juliet and Payton? When did we change the topic?”


Rosiley laughed, "Yeah, why are we talking about you guys?"


Then, she raised her eyebrows at Maddox, “Maddox, it's your fault. If you didn't show up suddenly, I wouldn't have forgotten what we were talking about."


Maddox held Yayoi's shoulder, his handsome face brimming with a bright smile, “Alright, the blame is on me. And the conversation is on them.”


Hearing this, Rosiley and Yayoi laughed at the same time.


Compared to the relaxing atmosphere here, the dining hall of the Elton Villa was seized by tension. Mr. Elton, who was seated at the head of the table, kept a straight face. His cold gaze caused so much pressure that no one dare to utter a word.


In Juliet's impression, her father was always pleasant-looking and smiling. Even if he got angry, he had never been so serious. Being scared, she didn't dare to say anything and could only look at her mother with pleading eyes.


Mrs. Elton glared at her. Then she glanced at the gentleman beside her daughter before whispering to Mr. Elton, “Ebenezer, it's the first time that Juliet brings her boyfriend home. Could you please don't put a long face?"


"You don't understand.” Mr. Elton gave her a cold glance. Then he looked at the man beside his daughter and directly asked, "What do you like about Juliet?”


“Her everything.” Compared to the cautious and nervous Elton family, Payton was composed and at ease. He answered calmly.


“Everything?” Mr. Elton sneered, “I guess what you like is the things behind her.”


“Ebenezer!” Mrs. Elton didn't like his questioning attitude. Did everyone pursue their daughter for the power of her family? He made people feel that their daughter was not attractive.


Payton could tell that Mr. Elton had taken him as a man who dated Juliet for her family background.


He chuckled slightly, "Mr. Elton, to be honest, I love Juliet. And it has nothing to do with the Elton family's power. Her background has nothing to do with me, and I don't need to rely on her family”


Juliet was embarrassed. If she was allowed to reveal his identity, she would have told her father that Payton was from the Lu family and that wealthy as them, they didn't need to borrow anything from the Elton family.


Mr. Elton's sharp gaze stared at Payton as if he wanted to find a flaw in his calm face.


Unfortunately, he looked too calm to be lying.


"Did you hear that? Don't think so badly of people." Mrs. Elton rolled her eyes at Mr. Elton discontentedly. Then she picked up her chopsticks and put a prawn in Payton’'s bowl.


“Payton, don't mind his words. He has got a bee in his bonnet.” Mrs. Elton said with a smile, her eyes revealing her favor for Payton.


To be honest, Juliet's boyfriend was really outstanding. His appearance and temperament were good. Most importantly, one could tell from his words and behavior that he was well-educated. He must come from a good family.


Payton smiled gently at her and said, "Thank you, Mrs. Elton."


Then, he turned to look at Juliet and asked softly, “Do you eat prawns?"



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